Hotels in Hudson County

Hudson County hotels

Find hotels near Top Hudson River Waterfront Walkway attractions. Are you planning a trip to the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway? Westin Jersey City Newport. Hoboken and Bayonne in Hudson County New Jersey. Sights in Hudson County NJ.

Top 30 hotels & accommodations in Jersey City, USA

Are you looking for shops in Jersey City? The Hyatt House Jersey City is near enough to get to any Manhattan stop by underground (take the PATH HOB-WTC to and from the Oculus buildings in Manhattan and Exchange Place, first stop in New Jersey. Use your underground map for this train).

This place has the advantage that you have a breath-taking look at the Manhattan ski line. and the shopping center..... The Path Rail to New York and the shopping centre with the nearby restaurant were very popular. It' a good option for those who don't want to go to town.

The Jersey Downtown is tidy, secure and an ideal location for..... The stay in Jersey makes it simple to get to the..... The stay in Jersey makes it simple to leap to Manhattan, and the views at day and evening are even better than in Manhattan itself. Newport is not much in the way of stores or restaurants, but easily accessible, all via the Lightrail.

Manhattan's Pathway to Manhattan was comfortable and easy to use.

Jersey City, Hoboken and Bayonne hotels in Hudson County New Jersey

8-mile Newark Airport. And New York only 4 mile. Big stadium 3 mile. The Continental Airline only 3 mile. The Statue of Liberty and the city of Newark are only six mile. Line Zug 3 mile. The Holland Tunnel and Lincoln Tunnel 3 mile. Courtyard Jersey City is situated in the city centre next to the First Chicago Trust.

The Newport Centre Mall and Newport Marina are only 1/10miles away with the Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch office 1/2miles.

NYC and New Jersey Hotels

The Hudson County range of hotels covers the full range of experiences, from luxury accommodation by the water to affordable accommodation. Choose the conveniences that are right for you and reserve a room in one of the county's cultural wealth. All the hotels are located near Manhattan, but you should also get to know the taste of the area.

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