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Welcome to Hudson B&B | 136 Union Street, Hudson, NY 12534 The classical Bundeshaus from 1790 has a wealthy and diverse past. Some years ago, a total refurbishment was carried out in which many components from this time have been preserved. Sills, fireplaces and entrances, long stretched window and bright, breezy rooms provide a break from a bustling city.

"Hudson B&B was a real pleasure for my whole familiy, especially for my 87-year-old mum. with her own robe and beautiful room." She felt royal, with her own robe and her own hospitality." "but Carolyn's hospitableness and Fred the Hound and Fred the Cat have surpassed everything."

I' m in loving Luna. So do I, Fred."

Valuations The Roundhouse (Hudson Valley, New York)

One of the few formerly depressive, post-industrial cities along the Hudson River, Beacon is making a small return as New Yorkers move north to take a breather from cityscape. It is a place where you can enjoy the culture of the day and the much-needed open spaces, thanks to the Diart Foundation, which Beacon has chosen as the venue for its stunning collection of modern music.

Situated on the shores of Fishkill Creek, the Fishkill Creek Mill consists of the remains of an old mill and the sounds of a small cascade provide a fitting boucolic music. Very thorough refurbishment by the Rockwell Group has turned it into the image of a contemporary post-industrial luxurious resort with slim mid-century furnishings under fair-faced floors.

Roomy shower trays and partly free-standing baths provide a hint of spa-like luxuries, and Keurig coffeemakers keep the New Yorkers' coffeine content in a safe and bearable area. The Dia Musée with works by Louise Bourgeois, Richard Serra and Gerhard Richter is only a 15-minute stroll away.

Which could make the motel better: That was the last room for your appointments at this motel. Good tidings are that the hotels below are still available. It is good to know that the room choices below are still available for your appointments in this city.

You can also pick one of the other hotels below. I' m sorry, but the landlord has raised the cost of your room. Please check the new pricing below and try again if it is reasonable. Otherwise the other hotels are also available. The system of this hospitality seems to be currently inactive. When you are in a rush, we suggest you change your choice of accommodation.

Modify your details or choose one of the hotels near you with avaibility. Please correct your data. We have an excellent customer service staff ready to help you find the right property at the right rate. The number of rooms in this property exceeds 1 - there is no one room that can host you.

It is recommended that you use more than one of the following rooms to house your group. Downstairs are the rooms that can house your whole group in a room. Hotels in the vicinity with availability: More hotels in Hudson Valley:

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