Hotel Pennsylvania new York Tripadvisor

Pennsylvania Hotel New York Tripadvisor

The Pennsylvania Hotel New York, New York City. Series Nyc. in New York, New York, USA. in New York, New York, New York, USA. Edison Hotel NYC.

in New York, New York, USA. It' one of our top picks in New York City.

Gross - Review of Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City, NY

From South Africa I came to New York for a 12-day journey, but I was told before I came from our affiliate organisation who organised the lodging that on 42 December, where I was sitting when I came, Hilton was only available for seven of my eleven New York night's and that they would accommodate me for my last four night's at this place in Pennsylvania.

Since the checkout period at the Hilton is twelve, I left and because I had a meeting for a cup of tea with a buddy, I thought I should move my personnel first, even if my room wasn't finished, so I could come back and collect it. I stayed in the Que for a very long period of my life when I was visited by a man named Martha, who was terrible and unkind.

If she had rooms, she said she would give them to me, but if I didn't have to come back at three, which was okay, but I asked her if she could keep my baggage because she could verify my booking, she said no, then she said she needed a safety deposit and that' s something I know, because even at the Hilton it was the same thing that I don't have a deposit, she said she can't even in.

She asked me if I could get connected to the web so I could get in touch with the someone who made the booking, she said I could only get into my room (which I couldn't get to at the time), I asked her to use her telephone, she declined to claim that her telephone couldn't call outside, I had to shove my two giant bags while I was looking for a payphones.

Then I had to sit around for another while, which seemed like forever that someone called for me because my co-worker had verified that he had my credential with him. So, I went into my room, got in and got prepared to go, because it's freezing here, I thought I'd like to go back to a hot room, so I turned on the heating and it fell apart.

As I returned, I found (this is now 9 pm) that the heating did not work, named reception, which sent someone. Confirming that the motor was faulty and that I had to move rooms, I was asked to come to the reception to get a new one.

As I arrived below, I was waiting in the Que, after about ten min. I was provided with a new set of keys and asked to hand the old one back to the reception as soon as I had removed my baggage. We' re looking forward to your next trip to New York City and welcome you to the New York Hotel Pennsylvania.

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