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New York New Jersey Hotel

Guest-loving hotels in Jersey City. " It's a good hotel right next to the PATH train to New York. "Hyatt Regency Jersey City. The BEST Hotels in West New York NJ. There are cheap hotels in NJ outside of NYC.

Budget Hotels in New Jersey near New York City

There are low-cost NJ properties outside of NYC. The best way to get the best balance of saving and comfort is to find a hotel within easy walk of local transport and free park. The NYC can be reached from NJ by rail, metro, boat, coach or hotel shuttles.

Down are the top 3 options for low-cost out on NYC in NJ. Smoker's roomNon-smoking object broad. Smoker's roomNon-smoking object broad. Overhead SystemHotel shuttle service, $7 apiece.

New Jersey Hotels near Manhattan

Best Western, near Newark Pavilion is located one unit from NJ' Performance Art Centre in Downtown Newark opposite Military Park. Travellers commute to the World Trade Centre can take the local line directly. Travellers travelling to Manhattan must change to the yellow or green colored pink line at Journal Square.

Best Westerns Plus is one of the most affordable hotel near the city. This is clearly the hotel for price-conscious travellers that should be examined first. There' a bunch of places offering shuttles to New York. But not all of them run the shuttles and don't make their website or telephone number known outside of verbal propaganda.

Following a conversation with any hotel that offers a NYC shuttles, the most dependable alternative is the Doubletree in Fort Lee, NJ near the George Washington Bridge. Your shuttleservice is run by Doubletree. We will pick up our hotel staff in the hotel entrance hall and take them to the Hilton on the 54-th in Manhattan.

Whilst the cost of the NYC Hilton is $20 and more costly than the Pathway or other shuttles, the additional cost will pay off as you can await your re-comm. This is a better option than having to sit on a road edge and await a third parties.

There is a drawback to the frequent service, however, and a one-way trip by boat is usually between $7 and $11 US Dollar. Weekend-trippers must be able to rely on the boat. But there are several possibilities for those who want to see the boat. Sheraton is the best all around hotel near a NJ-NYC shuttle, as it is near the Lincoln Harbor Irony, which runs on week days and afternoons.

Prices at the Sheraton can be high, but the hotel is located directly on the Hudson River, so the NYC ski line is far away. Week-day-goers will find a better price-performance ratio at the Comfort Inn at the Edgewater Ferry dock. It is about fifty to New York City's Port Authority train stop by coach.

Marriott is everything you'd want from a Marriott: neat, with good services and free Wi-Fi. In excess of several hundred on-line responses, visitors praise the employees and call them in particular for their help, from organising the use of the free shuttles to promptly solving a problem with a problem with warm tapware.

You can reach Manhattan from NJ by boat, rail, bus as well as shuttles. It takes about 30 to 40 min from a hotel in New Jersey to Times Square from house to house, according to your whereabouts. In general, you should stay 15 to 20 min. by rail or boat.

New York's fastest and least expensive way to get to New York from an NJ hotel is the high-speed rail system known as the Pathway System. Privileged to have the friendliest opening times, the Pavilion can take travellers to Times Square or World Trade Center. In second place at Pathway are shuttles, ferry and NJ transits.

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