Hotel Beacon new York Tripadvisor

New York Hotel Beacon Tripadvisor

I' d read the Tripadvisor reviews about Hotel Beacon and they were so right! Town of Montauk Oyster Bay Rhinecliff P ough k eepsie Hudson Beacon . An exquisite location on Beacon Hill Park. Check out the hotels in New York City that are available for your next trip.

Beacon Hotel, New York City, United States - Reviews and Packages

"I was in this hotel last weekend - I can't say enough about it." Like other critics said, the road was loud - but this is New York, so that's to be anticipated. While we planned to remain at Broadway Plaza, we canceled our booking - a happy flight on our part!

When you go to NY, you' ll be satisfied. It was a marvellous time. "Me and my missus have just come back from a six-night sojourn at The Beacon, together with our two little guys, as a particular pleasure during their primary schools summer-breaks. This hotel was chosen because of the many good ratings we have received on this website, and the cheap media is well-founded.

Located at 75 and Broadway, and there are many conveniences in the immediate vicinity of the hotel: The hotel has two underground stops near the hotel from where you can go anywhere in Manhattan. It has an outstanding cupboard and although the hotel is not very spacious, it is certainly neat and well-run.

One small downside is that we heard some road racket even though we were on the twenty-second storey, but then that's pretty much the same for the course in a town like NYC, unless you stay in some classy hotel. If you are a young child, the hotel is an excellent option for a group of four or less.

Cooking area (complete with cooker and fridge/freezer) is a big plus and very difficult to find in NYC HOTEL. It would be no hesitation to remain at The Beacon in the near theater. "We had eight great nights in the beacon last weekend. At first, the hotel has an outstanding location on Broadway, but it was calm and not loud.

The room has a double bedded room, a living room with a pull-out couch, a fully fitted kitchen and a beautiful kitchen. Our twin guests were there and the hotel is only a few walking steps away from many children's attractions: Zabar and Fairway to Mcdonald's, Manhattan's Children's Museum, and of course many culinary delights.

Only two things that could have been better are the sanitary facilities (toilet) and the hotel foyer, which is under building for the next years. "Oh, what a lovely little hotel! Whenever I' m in NYC, I love the beacon and I'll make it my "home base".

"After reading the travel consultants' ratings of the hotel where we were going to spend the night and switching to Hotel Beacon for the same reasons, it was a good one. Four days on 27.01.2004 we found it just as beautiful and comfortable as it was described.

A fairway directly opposite the hotel offers the possibility to make breakfasts, prepared dishes or any kind of cookery - if you really think you should take care of it while you visit the wonderful N.Y....". "I was pleasantly at the beacon. We were always there, I used to love having a metro station close by!

Also with the top food shop near by, there were points on my shortlist, especially as it was great to come back to the room at the end of the night and have dinner in the room. I' m planning to go back and the beacon is where I' m going to be!

" "One good mate of mine was telling me about Hotel Beacon, and after we had read all the other ratings, we reserved for the 21st to 27th of December. Those who lived in the hotel were kind - maybe we were all fortunate enough to have a "find" or could it have been the vacationmind? This hotel has a great position, is valuable the price.

Dining is not as pricey as downtown, the underground is also a fast train with wheelchair accessible elevators and runs all day, the 104 coach stations in front of the hotel and there are 2 proper grocery stores (one is 24 hours) across the street. I' d been reading the tripadvisor ratings for Hotel Beacon and they were so right!

I and my whole familiy (4 in total) remained in a one-bedroom apartment, which was actually roomy, as stated in many review. Accommodation was very good (good state, etc.) - kitchenette was a plus (equipped with essential cooking needs), the personnel was kind and alert, etc... It'?s a lovely area. We' re planning to be here whenever we go back to NYC!

" "We' re back from New York, my man and I spent seven night at the Beacon Hotel. Inexpensive and only a few walking steps away from the underground. i' d definitely be staying here again" "we remained here and we did it my third trip to new york, but this is a superb hotel we were looking fabulous out into the nine floor highway. lovely the ambience clear papier in breakfast cafe to good room. ý a bright much of the option grocery store across boulevard not far from downtown parc arrives beside john lennon's monument we used open top busses that are great for seeing everything and if you are sorely better you go to the seafront place today.....

"Beacon Hotel is located on Broadway, West Seventy-fiveth Street. It is a beautiful hotel. I' d definitely go back to the Beacon Hotel.

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