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Genuine weather: The most honest weather application Genuine weather is probably the most honest and humane weather application available. Tobias Van Schneider's conceptional concept for this application. This is a funny little work I did a few month ago that I completely forgotten to put up. Genuine weather is probably the most honest and humane weather application available.

Thanks also to Tim Boelaars who spent these icons so that I can present them here instead of Climacons like everyone else. Thank you to Marco van Hylckama Vlieg, who port a FREE copy of this application to the Blackberry store, where it only became the #1 WeatherApp in a few short time.

Several GitHub repos and web mobiles are also available. There is also a submission for iPhone, but as you can see, it takes Apple a little longer to deal with this insulting game.

"What's the prognosis?!!! Provides honest weather responses

Opening your weather application can spoil your days for those of us who live in icy regions. Nobody really wants to know that the weather is one-digit, especially if you have no other option but to go outside to get to the next one.

We have an application this weeks that makes the weather a little more comfortable - even if the laughing last only a few seconds. The Forecast?!! has a different way of keeping you informed about the weather. Instead of just showing the temperatures, you are also welcomed with a text that is violently honest about how it is outdoors.

Let's just say it's much more useful when it comes to choosing your clothing for the entire outfit for the night than any other weather application will ever be. After very low weather in the last few nights, these description are very apt. It shows you the actual daily weather with its high, low and windspeeds.

Although the weather application itself is fundamental, there are many personalisation possibilities. Customize your radii, colour adjustments, timing and more. There is also the possibility to alter the degree of secularity for those who want to keep it more PG. Your preferences allow you to switch it from "a little" secular to "on" for the swear words and everything else, or you can turn it off at all.

A further characteristic is the vocals that loudly reads out the fun words when you open the application for the first time. You can change the sound level, emphasis, rate as well as tone height under Language Adjustments.

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