Homes for Sale Warwick Ny

Houses for Sale Warwick Ny

at Warwick, NY Houses for sale 55 Leagues North West of New York City in Orange County is the country city of Warwick, New York. Warwick' is made up of three villages: Florida, Greenwood Lake and the village of Warwick. You' ll find many large tradional homes, also from the 1700s to 1900s, and many new homes are built to match the charm of these homes.

The 104 sq km covered by the village offers unparalleled malls, restaurants and other small business. The Warwick is the second biggest citieship in the state of New York with about 32,000 inhabitants. It is an Appalachian Trail Community for the outdoors fan and includes Greenwood Lakes with large lakeside houses and boat facilities.

The area is serviced by Warwick Municipal Airport and has two main roads: This is a small -scale industrial, agricultural and small and medium-sized business association. There' s also a flourishing elderly population, with residential blocks and a healthcare system around St. Anthony Communal Hospital and Crystal Run Healthcare.

Among the culture and leisure pursuits is the renowned Applefest, which was awarded one of the "Top 100 North America Events" by the American Bus Association as the Top Ten Festivals. Communal parcs provide football pitches, ball games, pool, playgrounds, bicycle paths and more. In the towns and gazebos there are many restaurants and shops for communal and social outings.

Its most important employer is St. Anthony Community Hospital, IBM and Alteva, a worldwide telecom group. At Warwick, New York, New York, beginners of all ages are looking for a delightful rural environment with authentic architectural heritage, but with the opportunity for new companies to flourish and soar.

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