Homes for Sale in Greene County Ny

Houses for Sale in Greene County Ny

Take a look around Greene County today. Houses and plots for sale in Greene, Columbia, Schoharie, and Albany Counties, New York Properties for sale by experienced estate agents, Ted Banta. looking for Greene County NY land for sale . You see us as home now. Locate apartments for rent in Greene County, NY that best meet your needs.

Green County, NY property

Greene County's populations are about half the size of Ulster County, giving it a much more rustic taste in the Catskill Mountains. Green County is also a little further from New York City than Ulster County - about 120 leagues from Manhattan to Catskill City (the county's seat).

In spite of this extra remoteness from the city, many areas of Greene County are a favorite holiday area. Green County is only 35 leagues from Albany, making it an appealing place to work. You will find a natural landscape in the hinterland, which is quite hilly - the highest summits of the Catskills Mountains can be found here.

A large part of the country in the south of the county lies in Catskill Park (a part of the country with preserved plots of property, both publicly and privately owned. However, not all of Greene County is hilly, as there are flat ranches to the north and west of the Catskills and more flat areas along the Hudson River.

Greene County has many different kinds of homes, from humble, secluded and secluded seasons cottages and small houses to large homes all year round and beyond. We would like to draw your attention to the interesting municipalities and rich offers of this particular area of the Catskill region. Avoid the stress of the turmoil with quiet rural days encircled by never-ending.....

This is your opportunity to own a turn-key serviced bar / restaurants right on the Hudson River with underwater privileges. Situated only 2 leagues from the New York Stock Exchange, this bustling Rock Quarry Mine..... "and Kindred Spirits" will be..... Situated at the end of the Hudson River in Catskill, "Port of Call" is a first class Hudson River Beachfront.....

There is a great deal to do in this building - 36 aces, 20 studios, 7 more apt, a hotel, shops, warehouses..... There is a great deal to do in this building - 36 aces, 20 studios, 7 more apt, a hotel, shops, warehouses..... The Majestic Mountain Estate mirrors sophistication and skill in its wood.

Multi-Generational Catskill Resort Quintessential Resort Services de restauration pour les familles tout compris. Wonderfully renovated farmhouse from 1860 to 18 hectares with a magnificent view of the gentle hill. A fully functional, commercially viable eatery for sale with an appartment upstairs in the historical..... gardenings on the hillson Each of the bedrooms, incl. the guest houses, has a terrace with a magnificent panorama.....

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