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Since then, Ever Rest has been the residence and studio of Hudson River School painter Jasper Cropsey and his wife Maria. oscobel ((Garrison, NY) Clermont (Germantown, NY) Glenview (Yonkers, NY) Kykuit (Sleepy Hollow, NY) Lindenwald (Kinderhook, NY) Locust Grove (Poughkeepsie, NY) Lyndhurst (Tarrytown, On Long Island, Oheka Castle is a breathtakingly beautiful historic villa on the famous Gold Coast between New York City and The Hamptons. Walk across Hudson (NY State Park), Poughkeepsie, New York, USA. The unique historical houses offer vivid examples of the past.

There are 10 historic mansions on Long Island dating from the Gold Coast.

Magnificent villas, flamboyant partying, lush costumes and luxurious automobiles - these are some of the portraits of F. Scott Fitzgerald in his 1920s Gold Coast of Long Island in The Great Gatsby. Influenced by Long Island, Fitzgerald's play plays at a time when affluent New Yorkers looking for a rural withdrawal from their city life were building lush mansions on the northern shores of Long Island.

Many of the large mansions of this period, still preserved today, have been torn down, but many others have been rebuilt and refurbished and are used as a venue for important occasions and marriages. There are ten of these great villas from the Gold Coast of Long Island: The Oheka Castle, also known as the Otto Kahn Estate, was constructed in the 1910s by Otto Hermann Kahn, a philosopher and investor-founder.

Located on the highest point of Long Island in Cold Spring Harbor, the property is the second biggest privately owned home in the United States with 127 rooms and over 109,000 sqm. There is also an 18-hole course, one of America's biggest privately owned greenhouses and an extensive French formal garden in front of the farm.

In the 1920', during the heyday of the Gold Coast of Long Island, Kahn used the spacious property to hold fancy celebrations and entertainment for kings, world leaders and Hollywood heroes. When Kahn died in 1934, the property passed into ownership several occasions and was used for various functions, among others for a withdrawal of the New York City Sanitation team.

But after the closure of the college in 1979, the house was left inactive for four years, during which over 100 recorded attempted fires took place and the villa went into a state of abandon. Long Island designer Gary Melius bought Oheka in 1984 and started the biggest privately owned restoration in the United States, even trying to restore the garden to the originals.

But after ten years Melius could not finance the excessive renovations and finally bought the property to Hideki Yokoi. It is interesting that after ten years and a complaint, Oheka Castle returns to Melius, who runs it as a wedding and event location, luxurious resort and convention centre. An example of the possessions of the jazz age, also known as the bellowing 1920s, Oheka Castle is said to have been part of the inspirations for Gatsby's manor in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

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