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North of New York Hip Hotels

Plan a holiday in Upstate New York? We all want to experience New York City for ourselves. All American food in the hotel restaurant and a'to be seen in' bar. Les Hamptons n'ont rien sur ces séjours bucoliques au nord de l'État de New York. I' d recommend this place to anyone looking for a relaxing retreat in the hinterland of New York.

Weekend trips near NYC

Most of us don't have the kind of holiday we could all need at the moment, the amount of traveling - and the amount of traveling - is not particularly doable. Whilst hot weather may not be in the maps at the moment, a recreational get away might be. We have some of the most beautiful and relaxed places in the world in our back yard, just a few minutes by rail or road from New York City.

There are nine recently opened seminars (and an older, trusted favorite), all just outside the town. It' breathing and relaxing in.

New York State's Best Boutique Hotels

These are my selection of hotels that we really suggest you check out in the upstate. Situated at the base of Hunter Mountain, this sophisticated shop offers the good tastes that can be created with small and easy things, based on the Catskills' legacy. It is a straightforward decoration that combines modern accents (and amenities) with the characteristic Phoenician atmosphere.

It is very classy, but easy and welcoming to unwind and simply enjoying the easy things. A must: to go to the classical and renowned Phoenicia Diner to finish an unforgettable and astonishing time. With 7 modern and artistic rooms in the cosiness of Shandelee Mountain, in the vibrant Catskills area, Arnold House has something for everyone who wants to have a relaxed and unforgettable week-end far away from everything and very near to the countryside, pine trees, ponds, small cities and the warmth of a solar room where you can see the fire burning or just reading your favourite high-end countryside decor.

Arnold serves breakfasts every day with quiches, cupcakes and the possibility of making your own wafers in the US way. Siblings of The Arnold, this is also located in the Catskills area and has much to tell with less than a year of being. You will certainly enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure when you decide to stay in this establishment.

The North Branch Inn's new library and 5 new fantastic rooms with bathroom. The Woodstock Festival is still vibrant in the heads of many, but it´s is even more vibrant in the hands of the owner of this boutique-owned hotels near Woodstock City.

Each room has its own decor, with references to this 1969 edition of the film' s famous film, and it´s characters everywhere.

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