Hillary Clinton Upstate new York

Clinton Upstate New York

Hillary, Bill Clinton stop at the NY family's favourite upstate dinner (video, photos) Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with other members of the former First Familiy, made a general entrance at an Upstate NY dinner that has been Chelsea Clinton's favourite for years. Both the former president and his woman -- the former secretary of state and 2016 country's nomination for democracy -- halted at Grazin' dinner, at 717 Warren Street in Hudson, the Register Star said.

She paused and talked to the restaurateur and took pictures with several clients, some of whom were just waiting for them outside the cafe. "We' ve been to my girl and her wife and daughters and wanted to stop here," Hillary commented. Chelsea Clinton and her husbands had been to the Hudson Valley Restaurants several occasions in the past and wanted to try the burgers with their mothers.

and Hillary had never been there before. "They were really hazardous, but they were tasty and we had too many," Hillary said. Chef Andrew Chiappinelli said he was honoured to be cooking for them and chose Bill and Hillary Clinton. Said the familiy ordered several hamburgers, among them a vegetarian hamburger, and a barbecued Chelsea's daughter's Chelsea cheeses and hotstegg.

Grazin' Angus Farms, the ranch associated with the establishment, supplied meats for Chelsea's 2010 Rhinebeck marriage, according to The Register-Star.

Clinton discovers alone at a desk at Mohonk Mountain House in Upstate NY

Alumni of the Democratic president hope Hillary Clinton was alone at a dinner at the Mohonk Mountain House in Upstate New York last week, according to a photograph divided on Twitter. This photograph was divided by the New York Times Senior Editor for Politics Carolyn Ryan. This is a rather unusual performance for Clinton in the few words after the end of the war.

Clinton, who is living in Westchester County with her late wife and former US Presidential Bill Clinton, is a regular guest in Ulster County, where Mohonk is now. This famous hilltop resort has accommodated many US residents, among them Bill Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt, Chester A. Arthur, Rutherford B. Hayes and William Howard Taft.

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