Hiking Trails in Cold Spring Ny

Walking trails in the cold spring Ny

This is one of the most underrated trails in Hudson Highland State Park; not to be missed! A cold spring: Walking away from the cold spring

A picturesque Hudson village, Cold Spring is famous for its antiques shop and B&B streets and breathtaking view of the city. Sadly, most people go down to the dock to get their opinions and finish it one days. That is regrettable, because there are even better vistas of the stream and the nearby hills in the immediate vicinity.

Little Stony Point is less than half a mile north of Main Street, outside 9D (a brief stroll or an even shorter drive). When you enter the parc and cross the small railway track viaduct, take the path to the south. A ten-minute ride will reward you with a 180 degrees panoramic Hudson River from over 100ft.

It is an unbelievably light "hike", rather a stroll that provides breath-taking outlooks. If you are a bit more ambitious and want to go hiking for a few hour, you might drive a further kilometer on the 9D towards the northern side and leave your car just outside the tunnels. A path to Breakneck Ridge begins on the western side of the road at the tunnels.

Walking up the path will increase at a good speed, in the shape of a large rock staircase, so that it is no more risky (or funnier) than going up a long staircase. Really breathtaking vistas! You have two ways to get back, via the "stairs" or a path that meanders, which is less steep but lasts longer.

Underercliff Trail Trail, Cold Spring, New York

Undercliff Cliffs Climb up the side of Taurusberg. At the only lookout point on the Undercliff Trail there is a tough section. But there are several ways out of the way. Once the path has climbed up to this vantage point, it makes an sudden turn and goes down again before returning to the side of the hill.

Once you have crossed the Washburn Track, the north-western part of the Undercliff Track is rarely frequented as most walkers walk either the Washburn or Breakneck Ridge Trails. The section links the Washburn and Brook Trails. It has some of the best views from West Point and Storm King Mountain over the Hudson River.

The road sees little road and is very pleasant. It is often done as part of a bend from the Cornish trails.

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