Hiking in Poughkeepsie

Walking in Poughkeepsie

NY area directions for running and cycling. The Fishkill Ridge Wonderful vistas of the Hudson Highlands - and even the Manhattan skin - compensate for the hardships of hiking through this craggy area. BEACON, Dutchess County (1,011 acres)-Fishkill Ridge is not for an occasional walk, but if you fancy a trip into the real wild, it won't get any better.

You can hike along a creek to an imposing cascade, climb up cliffs and tread on foothills that offer some of the most stunning views in the Hudson Highlands on the well-marked itineraries. Most of your hike will be so wrapped up in the countryside that civilisation and its stress will disappear from your mind (although stores and restuarants in Beacon' s city centre are waiting for you to return).

The Fishkill Ridge is also a great place to explore the Hudson Valley's geology past - the round rocks and barren peaks found on your trek were formed by tumultuous masses of glacier that crossed the area 12,000 years ago - and the exceptional bird life, especially the great canopies. The Fishkill Ridge is run by the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and is hosted by the NY-NJ Trail Conference.

Fishkill Ridge's 8.3 mile hiking trail is exhausting. Stable hiking shoes are a must, as is an adequate source of fresh air.


The Morgan Lake is situated in Poughkeepsie and provides good coastal angling opportunities. The small pond also has a great diversity of different types of catches and will usually have a good effect. Angling on the southern shores of Creek Rd. in College Hill City Park.

There is also a mooring jetty. Angling: Morgan lake is a great place to take someone with you. A group of sportsmen provide trouts all year round. Rules: The national fisheries rules are applicable (the DEC website is displayed on the provider's website for the fisheries regulation guide). Morgan lake has specific fisheries rules (the DEC website is left to the provider of the fishery regulation guide's website).

Read your angling rules for further information.

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