Hiking Day Trips near Nyc

Hikes near Nyc

NYC Day or Night Excursion - Landscape and Hiking - New York City Forum I plan a journey to New York in the second half of June, which includes a day or night out of town for some rest and peaceful. I hope to see some towns, do a little walk or two. I' ve been reading many online listings of day trips and accommodation trips from NYC, but I'm getting upset.

No more than 3 hrs driving distance from the town ( "per distance") and if I don't have to go that would be a plus (but I realize that it can be unavoidable). I have all my referrals in or near the Hudson Valley. Cold-Jump and Beacon are nice cities.

Walk in Hudson Highlands State Park or across the Storm King Rivers. The New Paltz and Minnewaska State Park are a good couple. A vibrant collagen city, Minnewaska State Park has rocks, two seas, falls and beautiful walks. Yeah, the Hudson Valley.

Say you don't want to go, but I took a day excursion to Poughkeepsie (I took the Metro North line to Poughkeepsie, a two-hour ride) and from there I went to Vanderbilt Mansion and Rhinebeck, a little further. I-95, I think, was very simple to ride.

But even if you didn't want to go, it's a good day to take the Hudson Valley by rail and stop in a few small town. In Poughkeepsie there is The Walkway Over the Hudson and it is possible to take a tour above and through the woods for about 4 mile.

Perhaps not as long as a "hike", but it is good to see. One small city along the same itinerary is Cold Spring, a very sweet and "small city of America" with stores, caf├ęs and diners. There you can get off and it is a 5 minute walking distance to the city. Most June, anesthetic juvenile are photograph in building, so if you are heading up the Hudson Valley point, it should not be terribly push as drawn-out as umpteen time period you cling on time period (although prison juvenile are out for the gathering).

When you' re going on an Overnight Travel, that means you' re going to check out of your motel, right? I' d hire a vehicle and go down Hudson Valley. There''s a walk from Break Neck to help you. A little over an hours and the locomotive pulls up to the top of the trails.

The simplest way to get around this is to take the Metro North to Cold Spring or Beacon. When Beacon, you can Mt. Beacon and when Cold Spring you can walk Bull Hill. When you' re on the road, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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