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Banking, Financial services, Mortgage loans, Construction financing, Commercial loans, Cheques, Savings, CD, ATM, Debit card, Online banking, Mobile banking. ("HQ": Salida, CO) High Country Bank, Salida, Colorado. The High Country Bank is a state-certified commercial bank. Have a look at the honest evaluations of the High Country Bank and check their evaluation. Find out if the High Country Bank is a good bank for you and open an account.

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HIGCURRENT Country Bank was founded on 1 January 1886. It has its headquarters in Salida, CO, and has $212,893,000 in net worth. Contributions to High Country Bank are covered by FDIC. Founded on: FDIC certificate number: Balance sheet total: Community-style bank: The High Country Bank has 1 router number. It seems that JavaScript is deactivated in your web browsers.

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We are a full-service bank offering bank and asset management services to both private and corporate clients. Founded in 1886, we have insights founded on experiences, but we always use new possibilities to shape the future together. The High Country Bank is a state-certified business bank. In addition, we are serving the Chaffee and Fremont Counties of Colorado with branches in Salida, Buena Vista and Canon City.

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This serves as a loss cushion and protects account holders when a bank is in financial difficulties. In our test for measuring equity equilibrium, High Country Bank achieved a value below the country averages of 13.13 and thus reached a value of 10 out of 30 possible points. The core equity of a bank is a widely used measurement of this cushion.

The High Country Bank's core tier 1 share was 13. 09/9 per cent, above the 6 per cent mark, as appropriate but lower than the 25 per cent mark. 65% Higher shareholders' funds ratios enable the Bank to cope better with recession. Overall, the High Country Bank kept 9.82 per cent of its own funds, which was below the 12.03 per cent domestic mean.

The aim of this test is to assess how the bank's credit default reserve and total capitalisation could be affected by problematic asset items such as unsettled mortgage loans. A large number of such funds indicate that a bank must ultimately use funds to cushion its own funds by absorbing it. As many of these financial instruments are unlikely to be in an out-of-period condition, they are unlikely to earn cash, resulting in lower returns and a potentially higher default rate in the years to come.

A bank³s share of troubled financial assets in relation to its overall wealth is a widely used measure of the overall value of its financial position. No High Country Bank borrowings were long-term as of December 31, 2017, i.e. they were more than 90 overdue or not accrued. This is below the German federal mean of 1.01 per cent.

Borrowing costs are covered by a provision for credit and leasing risks. "The comparison of the amount of the reserves with the overall amount of bad debt can be a widely used indication in assessing a bank's capacity to hold bad debt. Unfortunately, in its latest submissions, the FDIC did not make any information available to the High Country Bank on risk provisioning.

The profitability of a bank depends on its long-term viability. The profits can be withheld by the bank, thereby strengthening its equity base, or they can be used to manage problematic credits, which may improve the bank's capacity to cope with economic difficulties. On the other hand, loss reduces a bank's capacity to do these things.

The rate of ROE, i. e. the division of net profits by shareholders' funds, is an important indicator of bank outcomes. High Country Bank's most recent annualised quarter-on-quarter ROE was 11. This is 79 per cent above the German federal mean of 8.10 per cent. Write-downs of $2. 9 million on aggregate capital of $25. 2 million for the twelve-month period ended December 31, 2017.

and ROA, of 1. 18 per cent, above the 1 per cent held in line with industrial norms and above the US bank averages of 1. 00 per cent. HARMONICS: WHAT IS SAFE & HEALTHY? Information collected about banking, cooperative lending institutions and savings is kept up to date in accordance with the Safe & Sound Ratings and Reports User Agreement.

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