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The Hudson Hotel

duran Duran Duran Duran beim Paper Magazine Beautiful People Party, Good Units im Hudson Hotel, New York. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reports about Henry Hudson Hotel in New York, NY. Locate hotels near Henry Hudson Planetarium, USA online. Find out about the Henry Hudson Hotel in New York with reviews, maps and more. NYC, Henry Hudson Hotel West Side Hwy.

The Henry Hudson Hotel in World War II

In the Streetscapes columns about the Henry Hudson Hotel [''From Women's Clubhouse to WNET to $75 a Night,''' Jan. 4] the Second World War era was omitted. The United States government took over a number of storeys of the property during this era. Army forces were divided on several levels, awaiting transportation to Europe.

Civilians from outside the city who were to go to England for the Office of War Information were accommodated on other levels while they were undergoing training for foreign service and working in the O.W.I. office at 250W57th Street. I' m not sure of the precise date, but I know that I lived at the Henry Hudson Hotel in the 1944 summers when I was moved from Washington.

Some" old ladies" (at least they seemed to me to be old at that time), who must have been members of the women's association, lived also still in other storeys of the hotel. There was a day when references to the screening of an army movie were published in the hotel. It was actually a close-quarter fight instruction movie for the army.

The Henry Hudson Hotel " CBS New York

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