Henry Ford Community College

The Henry Ford Community College

is a two-year public college in Dearborn, Michigan. Many thanks for your interest in Henry Ford College. Discover Henry Ford Community College reviews, rankings and statistics. The Henry Ford Community College Adjunct Faculty Organ. We at Henry Ford College are dedicated to educating and enriching our students and the community.


The HFC provides associated degree and certification programmes in a broad range of free and applied sciences, visual sciences, gastronomic art and healthcare/sciences. It also has a Lifelong Learning Centre, which provides training without credentials for individual gain or career advancement. In addition, she has specialist accreditation for her numerous studies in the field of healthcare sciences.

As well as on-site classes, HFC provides over 100 online[6] and hybride classes that share class hours with on-line classes. This course provides comfort for those who cannot or do not want to commmute to school. You can also complete some study programmes on-line.

Craft and apprenticeship offer apprenticeship programmes for commercial professions (primarily the apprenticing craft) and for entering the craft professions. These programmes, which have been set up in collaboration with representatives of trade and commerce, impart the necessary skills and know-how to complement on-the-job schooling.

The programmes range from a one-to-one course that quickly teaches a particular level of skill and expertise to a full course that provides a full range of related training. As the programmes are employer-oriented, the department runs three successive 15-week terms in autumn, winters and spring/summer throughout the year. This department provides a wide range of syllabi for trainable and similarly qualified professions.

While there are industry-specific syllabuses available for some 40 important industry retail classification systems, each sponsor organization can adapt the curriculum to its own unique educational needs. Courses are offered at two locations in Darfur, Michigan. Headquartered on the southwestern edge of Ford Road and Evergreen, just off the University of Michigan-Dearborn University campus.

Michigan's newest warehouse, the EastCampus, houses two facilities - the HFC Technical Education Center (M-TEC) in Michigan and the new state-of-the-art care facility. The East is on Schäferstraße just off the Rotunda.

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