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Day Trips Helsinki

One day trip from Helsinki to Tallinn. One day cruise in Stockholm. When I visited Tallinn I could not resist a short day trip to Helsinki. The Suomenlinna is a World Heritage Site, accessible by ferry from Helsinki. The most interesting sights and attractions for day trips in and from Helsinki are presented by Helsinki & Southern Finland.

Best day trips from Helsinki

It is a capital for all taste, but for those who are looking for a rest or a new place, there are also many places just a few short minutes away from the capital that have something completely different to offer. However, if you are a visitor or a local looking for a place to be... Situated on the southernmost part of Finland, the city's position means that most of the land, especially the favourite places in Lapland, takes a long while.

But there is also a lot to see and do in the countrys southwest and a little further away. Some of the best day trips from Helsinki: Porvoo is one of Finland's most favourite day trips and is only 50 km from Helsinki, with frequent buses, boat trips and even a steamship between them.

Porvoo is the second oldest preserved town in Finland, which dates back to the XIV centuries. Situated so near Helsinki that it could be described as part of it, Espoo is still an independent town with its own name.

Its closeness makes it fast and simple to get to Espoo from Helsinki by coach or rail, even during the busy hours of the day. In comparison to Helsinki, espoos are more fashionable and loved by young pros, hippers and migrants. There is a contemporary arts and crafts center, a large mall, regularly scheduled culture activities and many nearby ponds and nature reserves.

Finland's former capital is still full of culture and heritage and is only two hour by coach or rail from Helsinki. Surrounding the city center are the Catholic Church, the main public libraries, museum and mall, as well as the craft caf├ęs and riverside stores. A little further away towards the sea is the bathing village of Naantali, the Moominworld amusement parks and the Archipelago National Parks.

The majority of people do not realize that they can get to a different land than Helsinki in only 90 mins. Indeed, it is nearer to Helsinki than Turku. Tallinn, Estonia's capital, is accessible from Helsinki by a brief, inexpensive Baltic Sea ferry trip that runs several daily.

Like Helsinki, Tallinn has seen a darker side of the story, especially the Nazi invasion in 1941, but it has become a much underestimated traveler' s paradise. It preserves much of its mediaeval architectural heritage, especially the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, and is Estonia's culture center with tens of museum and gallery buildings.

The Nuuksio National Parks is less than an hours drive from Helsinki downtown by coach if you would rather leave the town for a while and flee to the countryside. It is in stark contrasts with the town, with kilometres of woods and ponds to be explored all year round.

One of the special attractions is the unique opportunity to see the golden chipmunk, which is more common in Nuuksio than elsewhere in Finland. Squirrels are active at noon, so the best opportunity to see them and enjoy a clear canopy.

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