Heidelberg Day Trip

Day Trip to Heidelberg

That was probably the highlight of the day for Marley and Willow during our one day in Heidelberg. The Heidelberg Castle is the highlight of a city visit. You can read reports about top tours and attractions in Heidelberg. Great day trips from Frankfurt to Heidelberg: Reviews and photos of day trips from Frankfurt to Heidelberg can be found on TripAdvisor.

Best day trips from Heidelberg

It is the ideal starting point for exploring the area known for its picturesque historical towns, Roman ruins and mediaeval fortresses dotted along the Neckar. These are seven great day excursions that are worthwhile if you come to Heidelberg. Rothenburg ob der Tauber often leads the chart of Germany's most famous mediaeval towns.

Cobbled streets, half-timbered buildings with saddle backs, and well-preserved ramparts give a romantically and nostalgically ambience that few cities can provide. The best thing is to rent a day rental vehicle, as there is no express rail connection between Heidelberg and Rothenburg. Situated on the north border of the Black Forest, it offers one of the best baths in the state.

You can get to the town from Heidelberg in a few short hrs. and a good choice if you want to end the day. For a more activity-based holiday, the area has extensive wooded and mountain areas with walking and footpaths crossed by pretty towns, vines and skiing tracks in winters.

From Strasbourg, in the French Grand Est, you can take a two-hour journey by car or rail. Somehow the town' s cozy atmosphere, which is full of impressing monuments - from the Gothic Duomo to the Petite France area with its picturesque half-timbered buildings and canals and the Art Nouveau style of the new town, completes the town.

The Neckarsteinach is best known for its four mediaeval fortresses, which were erected between 1180 and 1260 and still look over the tree-lined Neckar Vall. You can book a tour of the historical old town and the palaces in the city. You can also discover the area on your own or go up the stream by ferry to get scenic outlooks.

Situated only 25 minutes by car from Heidelberg, Speyer is a mixture of historic attractions, good restaurants and walking paths in the area. One day in the town is enough to visit most of the monuments, especially the Emperor's Duomo, which is today the biggest surviving ancient Rome temple in the whole wide area. You can also taste some of the Palatinate wine and some of the cuisines.

About 50 kilometers north-east of Heidelberg, the town Worms is known for three things: the imposing Emperor Duomo, the reference in Richard Wagner's world-famous Nibelungenlied and the fact that it is one of the oldest towns in Germany with more than 7000 years of population. The best part is that it's practically around the edge of Heidelberg.

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