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Rooms are not huge (none in NYC), but they are decently large and really beautiful. and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Find out more about Chill Space Wellness Spa NYC and its founder Dr. Josh Kantor. Look how we've become one of Manhattan's top health spas.

New York Oasis Day Spa

The Oasis Day Spas, known as "Best of New York" and "Best of Westchester", invite you to break away from your bustling lives and experience tranquility, calmness and unwind. It is our aim to offer you accessible luxuries in a nice, quiet setting and to help you build a healthier way of being. Savoir-faire greeting card is available in any number of denominations and for all our products - the present of relax will never be given again!

Do you think of the ideal present for someone else? With our range of packages we have the right choice to meet your needs. In our store you will find ELEMIS, Eminence, GM COLLIN, Indie Lee and others. A lot of our presented wares are a great addition to the spas we offer.

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Top 10 Spas in the USA

Every one of these 10 picturesque destinations spas has everything you need to unwind, re-program or transform. No matter if you want to lose a lot of energy, if you want to tackle a maze of rocks or if you want to give yourself up to the everyday abrasion, reserve some of your free walking days in one of these health and spa reserves. So if you had a wealthy tasty grandson who just happens to own a sun-drenched lakeside home in Texas Hill Country, the lake Austin Spa Resortwould would be that one.

You' ll never want to go again after a stroll in the floral, herbal, and greengrocer's gardens (preferably with the incredibly expert Trisha Shirey Wildlife Director) and a look at the Balcones Canyonlands nature reserve from the spa's light-flooded Blue Room Lounge. There is also something about Lake Austin that no other resort in North America can claim: a look at the sea.

There is nothing like relaxing on a pond (or lake) for a while and whether you want to do paddling, pedaling or just doing yoga on the yard, it's all there. Kitchen is rich and refreshing (literally, often a few moments before preparation), but French chef Stéphane Beauchamp doesn't believe in austerity, so it's not necessary to creep into a hidden salt shaker in this spas.

On the one hand, it works: Visitors who want to put their body and mind back will come up after a "tune-up" or a one-week "retreat" holiday with enviable shallower stomachs - thanks to a 1-3 pounds per diem lost body mass - as well as cleaner brains and lighter looking heads and skins. Hike through the maze, stroll over to the far infra-red saunas or simply relax between lessons on a suspended ceiling and let the movement get you to bed.

Previously, New Yorkers looking for a luxury spas event had to get on a flight until the lodge in Woodloch (just two miles from New York) in 2006 with 57 nature-inspired rooms (each with a personal veranda) and a 40,000 square feet large spas reached its final destinations. On an area of 150 hectares there is a 15 hectare large privately owned pond, and there is no rock that hasn't been turned over to do what you can to get better: from playing gulf to going in a kayak to flying, from snowshoe hiking to snowflake tubing, from swimming in the hydromassage basins to welding at TRX, spinning or gas meetings.

In the Tree three-meal gourmet restaurants there is no counting of calories on the menu, but the waist-friendly kitchen comes from the hand of a head cook educated by the French Culinary Institute, so it won't let demanding gourmets down. When you put on your walking shoes and embark on a challenging but picturesque walk in the Santa Monica Mountains, no savoury snacks await you along the way.

It is one of those few almond programmes - a luxurious but insignificant Type As and A-list Bootcamp that requires only 16 people per weeks to do without things like cell phones, coffees, sodas and e-mail. In the mornings we hike, in the afternoons we do weight exercises, do yoga or circle exercises - a whole 8 hrs of activities.

Visitors tell us that vegeterian cuisine - however succinct - is fanciful and tasty and that there are no remains. For those looking for equilibrium, spiritual clearness and a powerful sense of indulgence, all three will find themselves in this Rocks Mountain Village, situated between the vast cliffs and mystic "whirlpools" of Boynton Canyon.

Even if you're not immersed in the spiritual, you'll still enjoy the 16 carefully furnished rooms and participate in over 100 weeklong outdoor pursuits - from walking and cycling to enjoying the cactus fig butters in the spas. You will have entrance to the appropriately titled Enchantment Resort, and the visitors will say that you should not miss the dawn ceremony in the Crystal Grotto, where Therapists will instruct you to establish a routine through contemplation and smearing with scented mucus.

What is known as a destination spas is practically equivalent to a journey to the Canyon Ranch in Arizona, the unrivalled grande dame of the game. Experience early-dawn hiking in the high mountains, QT in the 80,000 square meter large resort and the opportunity to test your boundaries on the High Ropes Adventure Course.

Located in the distant Santa Catalina hills, this 118-room hotel is known not only for being a favourite with VIPs like Oprah, but also for actually letting you have a one or two drinks while you're there. Many other spas limit overall alcohol consumption and demand that you only consume alcohol in your room.

If you want to do cooking, climbing, meditating, beekeeping (seriously) learning or just so much training that you are sweating out all the evil things you did in 2016, you can do it here. Seven mejors ", the slogan of the real estate - always better, but always in change - is mirrored in the wish of the guest to enjoy their day challenging and yet spoiled.

They may be in a tranquil hamlet just North of San Diego, but the aesthetics of Cal-a-Vie (at least in furnishing terms) are all France-ish. This is no coincidence, as the 30-year-old spa is conceived to look and touch like a picturesque Provencal town. And, as befits the people of France, the Cal-a-Vie route is friendly and relaxing, with an odd touch of intense.

Begin your daily activity at 6 a.m. by walking through the 440 hectare rear courtyard of the resort's own 440 hectare cannyon and then indulging in a vinothérapie-based spass-masages, packs, and peelings with grape bodily care derived from the resort's grape varieties. It' s hardly 14 years since Sundara opened its gates, yet this jewel from the Midwest has exerted a major influence on the destinations spas industry.

On the one hand, it means that just because you are living in the heart of the country, you don't have to get on a jet to enjoy a full complement spas adventure. It is a pleasantly beautiful experience: peaceful walks, swim in the infinite basin, hike on the path of contemplation or in the resting place, and sink into the down feathers.

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