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For my pedicure, I like to go to Haven Spa with Ruby. She' s doing an outstanding and great work. You are polite and supportive from the minute you go through the doors until the minute you step out of the team. Truly impresses by the qualitiy of the employees and experts. There is also a small souvenir store area, so it is definitely a good idea to take a look at it.

My man gave me a voucher for the Mother's Dream Day Pack and it was! Pre-natal massages were purely blissful, the facials were beautiful - mani/pedi was excellent and I added a peeling of ocean salts and my body felt completely astonishing afterwards. I already said to my man that if he is ever at a loss for a present, just buy me a voucher for Haven and I will be a lucky one!

Astonishing personnel, very relaxed, my massager was Tara and she did a great work! I' ve got to say, BEST FACIAL EVER!! Haven Spa is strongly recommended. It' very soothing and my complexion has never felt better. Since she' s a massager, I'm sure everything she does would be astonishing.

Haven Spa was suggested to us by our Bed & Breakfast, thyme in the country (also a great place!). Both my mother and my older brother and mother were enjoying the Classic pack, which contained a 60-minute long face treatment, face treatment and Mani/Pedi. During their ministry they always spoke about how relaxed and satisfying the work was.

The Haven Spa is a little more pricey, but the services are of a high standard. Dear Haven! Our personnel always make you think you are something unique. and they both liked it. There'?s so much to do after the massages, just around the bend!

It' the best form of massages I've ever had. Cynthia is a real pro. i really had the very best therapy massages today ask for cynthia i hopefully you will be enjoying her techniques. i also did really appreciate a great footi. Very recommendable. After receiving a voucher from my friend, I had to use it, although this is my first visit here, although I am living in Rhinebeck.

There is a very friendly and relaxed environment. and I strongly suggest haven spa.

It' so pure and relaxed. Lovin' Haven Spa! I' ve taken my mother to Rhinebeck, NY, for a full working days and the spa is in the heart of the city next to many enchanting stores and fashionable dining places. After an appointment the same evening I got a superficial at best massag.

It is preferable to have a practitioner who breathes and gradually connects soul / bod / spirit. End result, if you are okay with an conveyor belt massage, you can get this here. Got a coupon and went for a feet rub and pedal cure. It has a reassuring ambience as soon as you arrive and the personnel is friendly and friendly.

I like Haven. Haven is the best. I tried different folks every single one and it was astonishing every single one I left. I' m doing a lot of sport and always have problems with my back, every masseur is very competent and carefully with me. I' m recommending this place to everyone!

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