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University of Hartford (UHart) is a private, independent, non-sectarian, coeducational university in West Hartford, Connecticut. In the heart of Hartford, Connecticut, a highly selective liberal art school prepares Trinity students to be leaders who are not afraid to break new ground. Hartford University of Explore University of Hartford Reviews, rankings and statistics. Learn about Hartford University's key information, including application requirements, popular subjects, tuition fees, SAT results, AP credit guidelines and more. Higher education within reach.


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You can visit the campuses from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays with different visiting time. As a rule, guided campsite walks last about 75 - 90 min. If you are planning to conduct an interview or other visit to the school, please be aware of this. This is a hike in rainy or sunny weather. In the event of university closures and late arrival, please call 860.768.4100 in the mornings.

They can also attend hartford.edu for notifications. Students can take the university' s students' hostel, students' hostel, students' hostel, students' hostel, students' hostel, the students' hostel, the students' club, the students' hostel, the students' hostel and the university. After your meeting you can discover our campsite to see other campsite assets. Please do not hesitate to ask our offices if you have any questions about your stay.

Unfortunately, organised guided visits to universities are not possible via the Admissions Office. To make particular agreements, please consult the university responsible for you.

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University of Hartford was founded in 1957 with the accession of Hartford Art School, Hillyer College and Hartt School. The University of Hartford did not existed as an autonomous unit before the Charta, but in the histories of Hillyer College, Hartford Art School and Hartt School.

Hartford Art School, which opened in 1877, was established by a group of Hartford based ladies, among them Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain's woman Olivia Langdon Clemens as Hartford Society for Decorative Art. The Hillyer College, called after the US Civil War general Charles Hillyer, was established in 1879 as part of the Hartford YMCA.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, when Hartford was still a centre for the young car manufacturing sector, it offered lessons in motor vehicle tech. Hillyer sein College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions, Barney Schule Schulen brachte Hillyer, Barney Schule of Business, College of Engineering, Architecture et technologie, College of Arts and Sciences und das heutige Hillyer College, früher bekannt als College of Basic Studies.

Hartt School was established in 1920 by Julius Hartt and Moshe Paranov. The Conservatoire of Hartford College is one of the most prestigious conservatoire for classical and contemporary art in the United States. It has been a leading institute for the Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium since 1988.

During the 1990' the Hartford College for Womens (HCW) was purchased. HCW was shut down a few years later because the school itself was in a precarious state. Though it is a privately owned facility, the college is home to two magnetic colleges serving Hartford and suburban students:

Hartford Magnet School (Dienstgrad K-5) et High School of Science and Engineering (Dienstgrad 9-12). Over the past ten years, the college has finished several challenging construction ventures, such as a new dormitory, Hawk Hell, the Integrated Science, Engineering, and Technology (ISET) facility, the Renée Samuels Center, the Mort and Irma Handel Performing Arts Center, and a new campus development for the High School.

The CTfastrak was commissioned in 2015 and will travel to West Hartford. Situated in the centre of the college grounds, the Harry Jack Gray Center is home to the Mortensen Library and the Allen Memorial Library. The Joseloff Gallery, the bookshop of the Joseloff Academy, the School of Communication, the Department of Visual Communication Design, the Department of Architecture, the WWUH FM 91st 3-MHz radio channel, the Gray Conference Center, the Museum of Jewish Civilization and the 1877 Club Café are also situated here.

This was the former home of the Museum of American Military Life, which houses the second biggest compilation of civic memorials in the United States after the Smithsonian. Hartt School's secondary school complex, the centre consists of the Millard Auditorium, Paranov Hall and O'Connell Hall, a one-storey expansion of Paronov Hall.

Hillyer Hall, constructed in 1962, was the first class room on our collegeus. The Dana Hall is home to the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture, also known as CETA. Hartford is the first privately owned college in the state with a magnetic field academy on site. Pupils who attend our schools are brought in from the Hartford area.

Situated on the University of Albany Avenue former Magnetic High-School Campus, it is now on the eastern side of the university. Founded in 2004 as a joint venture between Hartford Schools, the University of Hartford and the Capitol Region Education Council. It' re built on the early college initiation mode:

College graduates can acquire college credit during their studies at high schools. Two hundred pupils, seventy per cent of whom come from Hartford. The Mort and Irma Handel Performing Arts Center, inaugurated in 2008, is a 5,100 m2 facility where college and community division theater, music theater and dance undergraduates study at Harttschule.

20 ]The plant is situated on the Westbourne Parkway in Hartford, at the old location of the Thomas Cadillac dealer. The Rennee Samuels Centre was inaugurated in 2007 and is home to the photographic and audiovisual art programmes. It is a living/dining room situated in the centre of the first semester area.

These groups at the Hartford because they are led by the A Cappella Coalition and conduct an audition for new members at the beginning of each year. It promotes track and field sports at association and national levels, which includes soccer and Rugby. In 2017, the school's Rugby squad won their 2017 College Trophy against the Coast Guard Acadamy.

EMUH works as a non-profit organization of the Hartford Institute with volunteers from graduate students, teachers, university employees and members of the fellowship. Over the past 20 years, the channel has won the Best Radio Broadcaster and Best College Broadcaster categories in a reader survey conducted by regional newspapers.

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