Harlem Attractions

Attractions in Harlem

American bakery, Red Rooster Harlem. Atelier Museum in Harlem. Explore the best attractions in Harlem & Upper Manhattan, including the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, Cloisters Museum & Gardens, Apollo Theater. Are you looking for opportunities in Harlem? The post is a guided tour of Harlem and a self guided tour of the neighbourhood, its attractions, food and guided tours.

There are 10 places of interest in Harlem.

Harlem has been considered a district full of African-American cultural and historical heritage since the 1920'. During the Harlem Renaissance, movement in the fields of dance, arts and literary arts inspire legendary figures such as Bessie Smith and Langston Hughes. If you want to know the hearts and souls of the South, Harlem is a marvellous place.

and brought African Americans to the theatre at a reign when African Americans were expelled from most theatres in the USA. Try the other favourites such as the oat meal raisins biscuits, hot rice, hot rice, hot fruit and fresh baguette. Whether by its position, its customers or its ecological meal, the Red Rooster Harlem is a victory in terms of culture.

A native of Ethiopia and grown up in the cuisine of his adopted Swede grandma, the food took him to the neighbourhood of Harlem. Red Rooster offers guests an unique multi-cultural event with a home-made Stockholm favourite meal such as homemade meat balls, coupled with Harlem paper clips such as ox tail soup and macro and cheese. Samuelsson's choice of wines from the Old and New World is still a little distorted among the favourites in Africa, an unmistakeable indication of Samuelsson's legacy.

As an art room, the wall is adorned with works by Harlem artist curators and tasty artefacts from the neighbourhood. El Museo del Barrio aims to inform and inform the public about Mexican and Roman American cultures and their contribution through a wide range of exhibitions and exhibitions designed to preserve the rich heritage of the people of the world.

Created in 1969 by a large group of puertorican painters, teachers and cultural workers, the Open Air Arts Center brings a touch of artistry that stands out from the predominant artworks in Europe. Among the museum's start-up activities is the Artist-in-Residence programme, which gives Afro- and Latin-based works of artwork the chance to be created and developed, which will later be shown in an exhibit.

The Harlem is home to a wide range of different kitchens, from Soul food to caribean and austrian flavours. A six-storey gastronomic trip that takes you through the district's wealthy legacy with the best of Harlem's famous staple foods. Try the flavours of classic sulfurous foods such as roast chickens and home-made cookies to your favorite flavours such as flans, a smooth sweet condense dairy delicacy.

Taste Harlem Food and Culture on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and costs around $75 (£54) per adult ($35 (£25) for kids aged six to twelve) also, like Bronx Pale Ale and Southern Tier IPA. Shrine is a one-piece coctailounge and one-piece life jock that shows its creativity with genuine albumcovers on the blankets, based on Harlem's culture sounmusic.

Clients are pampered with a wide range of styles, from US radio to classic blues and even regaebeat. Founded in 1962, the Harlem based Harlem is one of the city's landmarks, where clients enjoy the classic dishes of Mediterranean cuisine such as roasted chickens with grains and grilled beef. Look over for souul foods favourites, and you could just look into some celebrity faces, as Sylvia's has everyone from Muhammad Ali and Diana Ross to former Presidents Bill Clinton serving.

The whole night club is played to remind clients of the Harlem Renaissance, which took them back to the 1920'. Classic dishes of the Mediterranean kitchen like shrimps and grains as well as crunchy roasted chickens are an absolute must. Stylish decor and crunchy blankets accentuate the dining room, and clients are more than willing to blend into the stylish atmoshere.

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