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This is a great tip when designing a lighting plan for your corridors and stairwells, especially when space is at stake: choose a flush ceiling or wall luminaire as opposed to a pendant or wall luminaire with a large projection. There is a touch of glamour with a chandelier for living rooms and corridors. The perfect light for lighting your corridor or staircase. Corridor lighting needs to be practical, but that doesn't mean it can't be decorative; it's the room that introduces visitors to your home first.

Make a warm welcome in your home with a selection from our corridor programme.

Corridor lighting - Staircase lighting

At Lighting Majestic we have a wide selection of high-quality fixtures that illuminate the sidewalks of your house in a convenient and appealing way. This is a great tip when creating a lighting design for your corridors and stairwells, especially when it comes to space: choose a recessed luminaire for ceilings or walls as compared to a suspended luminaire or a large overhanging sconce.

A further good possibility to generate efficient lighting is the built-in luminaire. In most of the houses of today, built-in luminaires can be mounted along the baseboard on the platform or even up and down the staircase. You' ll find that most of the luminaires here at Lighting Majestic are designed to fit around the house, so if you want the luminaires in your corridors to complement those in your lounge or bedrooms, you can.

When selecting a ball from this outstanding assortment you will find all of them according to your individual designs and available spaces, but one thing is certain: you will find the right lighting for you.

Corridor lighting - Lighting Direct

Corridor lighting can sometimes seem a little less interesting than the choice of fixtures for the major areas in the home. Please click here for the top ten corridor lighting. It is therefore important to select lighting that fits in well with the room. Which type of corridor lighting is right for you? Have you got loved ones or prints to show off in your hallway?

Then click here to see some of our photo lamps. Any directional lighting? Like the name says, they are installed on a rail length, so that they are suitable for corridor lighting. When you want to try everything, you should first take a look at our high-end beacon.

There are many possibilities for breathtaking staircase lighting. We at Lighting Direct believe that lighting is important in all areas of the house, both indoors and outdoors.

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