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University Hospital Hahnemann, 230 N. Broad St. Before you leave the buildings/offices, please have your tickets canceled. Clocks: Hours: Early birds at 9 a.m: Early birds at 10 a.

m: Early bookers until 9 am 212 N. Juniper Street E-Z Park Inc. Call 215.580.7800 from 6am to 12am for information on service; call 215.580.7777 to order service plans.

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The Hahnemann University Hospital is a third level nursing centre in Centre City, Philadelphia and the Centre City Philadelphia Educational Hospital of the Drexel University College of Medicine[2]. The Hahnemann Hospital was connected to the Hahnemann Hospital and College of Medicine since 1848 and was renamed after Samuel Hahnemann, the originator of the homeopathic medicine theories.

3 ] The University Hospital Hahnemann is fully accrediated by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Organisations. The Hahnemann University Hospital, on the southwestern edge of Broad and Vine Street, is also attached to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in North Philadelphia. Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, established in 1848, was situated on North 15th Street in Philadelphia until 1928.

Hahnemann's South Tower was America's first high-rise educational hospital. The Hahnemann Hospital and the Hahnemann Medicinal College, which needed more room, erected its North Tower next to the South Tower of 1928 in 1979. The North Tower is home to Hahnemann's E.R., traumatology centre, patients flooring and other key facilities and is connected by a corridor to the School of Medicine across Fifteenth Street.

Hahnemann University Hospital has six buildings: North Tower, South Tower, Bobst Building, Feinstein Building, New University Building and Klahr Auditorium. Following the sale or closure of all of AHERF' s existing clinics, Tenet signed a final arrangement to divest its Philadelphia facility - Hahnemann and St. Christopher's - to American Academic Health System, a new subsidiary of Paladin Healthcare.

The Hahnemann Hospital specialises in: AHERF' s hospital operations were divested to Texas-based Tenet Healthcare Corp. in October 1998 as part of a historical reorganisation. 11 ] A new non-profit organization, the Philadelphia Health & Educational Corp. (PHEC), was founded to continue the educational, research and services activities under the name MCP Hahnemann University.

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