Guam Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in Guam

Guide to Guam Travel Hotel. Looking for the map of Guam? Doing in Guam: The best tourist attractions Although most of Guam's visitors come to see its beautiful sandy beach, the island's cities also have interesting tourist attractions to explore. Over 600 plants are on the Guam list. Introducing a serpent that led to the death of 12 birds and the loss of 2 bats and 3 lizard sorts.

Guam is above all a diver's heaven. Guam's civilization is indisputably connected to the Chamorro tradition and ritual. The Chamorro civilization is strongly influenced by symbols and is reflected in the everyday lives of the village through dancing, playing, music, cooking and yachting. For a glimpse of how the Chamorro civilization is full, visit the Chamorro Village Square.

Guam Activities - Guam Diving - Guam Fishing

If you are planing a journey to Guam or just want to know what to do on the Guam Islands, here is a selection of the most favourite things to do in Guam. There are many open-air events on this Pacific tropic Pacific islands, which enjoy an incredible number of sunshine all year round.

An astonishingly high number of course scores on this relatively small isle. There are seven world-class greens created by some of the greats in the sport, and they are among the most popular activities in Guam. This 18-hole Talafofo course on the south side of the isle is perhaps the most popular and challenging.

It is by far one of the most tempting places to dive and one of the most important tourist attractions on Guam. As well as the wonderful freshwater corals that attracts a variety of marine species, there are a number of World War II air and shipwrecks that lie on the seabed and are favourite dive sites and excursion destinations in Guam.

Cruising is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Guam. Sail boats can be hired or chartered from the islands for a whole week or a whole week-end and can be used for various types of aquatic sports. A lot of travellers who travel to Guam are hoping to spot a dolphin.

Situated near the lowest part of the world's oceans, Guam is still a great place to see them. Cocos is a small town about 2 kilometers from the south of Guam and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Guam. Travellers can either take a full days trip to the islands, take the shuttle to Cocos every morning, or rent a privately owned yacht to visit the area.

Marianas Trench is the lowest part of the world's oceans and one of the best places for deep-sea fish on the planet. The Marianas Graben is one of the most important places in Guam for anglers. The Talofofo Falls and Talofofo Falls Park are still among the most visited destinations in Guam.

The Talofofo is the biggest cascade on Guam and a favourite seaside resort. Lovingly called "boonie stomping" by the natives, a hike through the Guamboone Islands and the Guam Jungle is a great way to see the islands and spend an afternoons. Travellers can paddle with a tour leader provided by the Parks and Recreation of Guam or explore the shores and fauna of Guam on their own.

The Apra Harbor is an important tourist destination and a key area in Guam for angling, dining, jetski, scuba dives and U-boat touring. It is possible to arrange a whole days, weekends or just a lunch in the port of Apra. So whether you have a little bit of free space to schedule everything, or if you want to concentrate your Guam trip on a few attractions, this small isle is very entertaining and offers many opportunities for you.

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