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Return to school in Greene County - *. One Greene County man and former school administrator has been charged guilty to a federal child pornography for what he did at Oconee County High School. and Suzanne Richey is the new Managing Director of Greene LEAF, the educational foundation that supports Greene County Schools. Ex Secret Service agent now working for the West Greene Schools. Here you will find the latest news and announcements for Greene County in Virginia.

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The Cedarville University has been voted the eight best Bible study schools in North America by Best Value Schools (see the..... Greene County NewsMarc's - a food shop in Ohio - has opened its first shop on 2100 E. Whipp Road.... GREENE County Public Health is partnering with national health authorities to raise awareness of the importance of vaccinations for individuals of all agegroups.....

The Xenia Daily Gazette celebrates 150 years on Saturday, August 18th. The Xenia Daily Gazette employees took part in the Greene County Fair from 29 July to 4 August to report on various activities and take pictures..... PAIRBORN - Bill Wampler, a Wright State University youth player for the Wright State University hockey club, assisted the USA Athletes In Action squad in.....

Bullcaneers Winning Concealers SIDNEY - The Xenia High School Boys Vario tennis court game unit purported a conquest ceremony victory on Monday, August 6 - 6, overcoming Landlord In spite of a long time lag and a possible cancelation of the soccer pitch at Doug Adams Stadium, Xenia High ShoolR.... AgainDEGRAFF won - Jim Lewis Jr. of Fairborn won the 25-lap Street Stock feat on August 4 at the Shady Bowl Speedway.

Leuwis took the leadership of the..... The FAIRBORN - Die B-W Greenway Community Land Trust'sense of Place Programm 18:30 Uhr Montag, 6. août in der Fairborn Community Library wird......... Greene County Parks & Trails (GCP&T) will be hosting a wide range of activities. The Xenia Masonic Center organizes a donation of donations from 14-18 Monday, August 6.

CREDARVILLE - Cedar Cliff Local Schools announces its 2018-2019 programming year policies for free and discounted meal or free dairy for schoolchildren.....

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Ms Cheves is the subsidiary of Dr. Bo Cheves, (an NGA graduate) and Dr. Ruby Cheves of Union Point. She' s the grandchild of the beautiful Lois Cheves, who has been known for many years as a first class teacher at the NGA. Ms Cheves was borne and brought up in Union Point together with her sibling Alex.

From K-3 to 12 years of age, she completed the NGA with distinction and received many grants for university. For two years Miss Cheves visited Berry Collegium in Rome, GA, where she was a psychologist and a member of the Pre-Medical Society. Ms Cheves currently resides in Watkinsville, GA with her two bitches Huckleberry and Sawyer.

Working for Corry House in Union Point, she was a voluntary worker at Global Samaritans Children's Home, which her folks founded in Zambia. "I' m looking forward to going home to the Nathanael Greene Academy. Lois Cheves, my grandma, influenced the life of so many kids in the years she was teaching the first class at the NGA, and I am hoping to be half the schoolteacher she was.

I' m so thrilled to get children interested in mathematics and the natural sciences and to show them the influence these topics have on our world.

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