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The Greene County Archives, Xenia, Ohio. This is a collection of full texts, indices and abstracts of records at the Greene County Archives and Records Center, Springfield, Missouri. Obtain directions, reviews and information for Greene County Archives in Xenia, OH-. The Greene County Farm Bureau invites you to its annual meeting! Need help for the blind or visually impaired in Greene County, Pennsylvania?

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Greene County Archives and Record Centre was opened in 1987 by Del Bishop - a former Federal Archivist - and then District Secretary Dennis Hobbs. Imagined a one-stop shop to keep district notes for district officers and the general population. In addition to an formal role, the archive was also to be used as a district and region research centre.

Greene County was founded in 1833 and included all present-day provinces of McDonald, Newton, Jasper, Barton, Dade, Lawrence, Barry, Stone, Webster and Christians as well as parts of Taney Dallas, Polk, Cedar, Vernon, Laclede, Wright and Douglas. Much of the archive's directories/bulletins are available online through the Springfield-Greene County Library System.

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Greene County Archives' role is to help all district authorities manage, retain, dispose, store and preserve their recordings and ensure environmental safekeeping for recordings of lasting historic and evidentiary value. It also undertakes to ensure the access and access to publicly accessible recordings for use by current and prospective Greene County population.

Greene County Records Commission convenes twice a year and all sessions are open to the general public. 2. Records of past Records Commission sessions can be accessed via our ArchiveCenter.

Green County, Missouri, records

The full-text content of this page explores various facets of the Greene County, Missouri population. This is a compilation of full texts, indices and abstract material on recordings at the Greene County Archives and Records Center, Springfield, Missouri. Those notes comprise district courthouse notes, mortician notes, charity home notes, just of freedom notes and others.

There is a catchword function in all Greene County Records website documentation or a table of contents for quick access to the various publications . The Missouri district administration was required by law to ensure that "poor people are released, entertained and assisted by the county of which they are residents" (Missouri R.S. 1909@1333).

To this end, the district treasury manager had to operate his own funds. "In Greene County, County Poor Farm was tasked with caring for needy and sick people who had no other means of caring for them. Later known as County Home, this company became Sunshine Acres in 1955.

The notes contained here are excerpts from the access logs kept by the Superintendent for the years 1875 - 1955. Includes name, date of discharge, date of release, date of death and short notices. They also specify the number of the initial record's pages and the number of the first one. Coroners' obligations are defined by state law.

It was the main task of the forensic doctor to examine suspected, abnormal or unsupervised death in the county and to establish whether these were illegal activities. Throughout 1973, Greene County removed the Election Board of Coroners and adopted the designated health inspector system for investigating death.

The notes contained here are extracts from the forensic doctor's notes for the years 1875 - 1972. Abbstracts contain the name and date of the subject, the number of the volume, the page and the date of the request. Originally entered in the register, whether it was an investigation or a "view", the name of the investigator, the date of registration, the cause of his or her deaths, the name of the jury and the name of the witness, and a list of the person's person.

More information can be found in the case file itself, which would contain much of the same information and, in some cases, testimonies from testimonies of testimonies or judicial officers. These group of papers contains district notes from Greene County, Missouri. Includes indices, Abstracts and transcripts of a wide range of notes that have been cultivated over the years in the county's work.

Recordings of the most comprehensive collection are the 1833-1865 Abstracts of Circuit Court Records. Abbreviations represent lawsuits under plaintiffs' law for the time available. There are a number of known offences, but also a number of indictments for illicit alcohol sales, sabbaticals, obscenities and gambling.

These group of notes contains abstracts of notes on the annulment of matrimony in Greene County, Missouri, for the years 1837 to 1950. Recordings shall contain the name of the claimant and the respondent, the registration number, the number of pages, the date of the definitive injunction and an identification of the "innocent and aggrieved party".

Much of the record includes the circumstances of the divorce, the amount of assistance granted and the name of the affected child. The purpose of this document is to provide a provisional review of Greene County District Courthouse records and previous district and law firm record keeping. Recordings described are kept at the Greene County Archives and Record Center, Springfield, Missouri.

This introductory article provides a brief historical account of the Missouri legal system. Every recording shall be described with an indication of the years available and a descriptive note of the purposes of the recording. The described recordings shall comprise vocations, cessions, various kinds of files and other recordings of legal procedures. There' s a descriptive report of juries and testimonies and a chronic index of bailiffs.

Bestowal tribunals are a department of the Missouri District Courthouse system. Its main tasks are the administration of last wills and bequests of dead people and the administration and decision of incompetence procedures. Recordings are kept at the Greene County Archives and Record Center, Springfield, Missouri.

The purpose of this paper is to present a provisional survey of data sets stored at the Greene County Archives and Record Center of the Greene County Probate Court from various periods between 1836 and 1983. Collections described cover proposals, expert opinions, loans, run slips, indices, estates, registers of inheritances and other administration documents.

Also of interest are notes describing recordings containing apprentice cards, invalidity benefits and embalminglicences. A Bureau of Just and Just was set up when Missouri was still part of Louisiana Territory. That script is to those affairs brought before righteousness in Greene County, Missouri.

The judges were authorised to rule on smaller cases, bind people to a higher tribunal, draw up arrest orders, carry out weddings and report on alley animals found by people in their jurisdictions. However, before 1906, when the Immigration and Naturalisation Office was set up, any registry office in the area could monitor this work.

This index presents the naturalisations submitted to the Greene County District Courts 1868-1906. Every listing contains the name, date of operation, date of operation, nature of the deed ( "Letter of Intent" or "Certificate of Citizenship") and the number of the letter and page in the initial deed.

It' a record of strays. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the Missouri Bylaws provided special rules for individuals who find and host stranded animals, horsemen, mules and other animals. She presented a list to the district employee who wrote the information in the spreadsheets.

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