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Texas FCU, Austin, Texas. of the Greater Texas Federal Credit Union. Newest tweets from Greater Texas FCU (@GTFCU). At the Greater Texas FCU/Aggieland Credit Union, I enjoyed working. RĂ©views and detailed information about the Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union.

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The Greater Texas Federal Credit Union offers a secure way to use your account at any time and from anywhere. With our free of charge application you can do it: If you have a question about the Greater Texas Federal Credit Union Mobiles application or the self-service enrollment procedure, you can call 800-749-9732.

The Greater Texas Federal Credit Union is an equal lender and is federally insured by the NCUA.

Texas Greater Credit Union - 26 Ratings - Banks & Credit Unions - 6411 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX - Telephone number

I have been a member of GTFCU for several years. Our employees are proud to offer the client a practical event. It feels like I'm not just a client, I'm a respected one. And Gtfcu is still a good bench, but her things are so old!

Your cell phone application is a laugh, but I'm staying for my support....... Mostly I think I will continue to use it as a saving account, but I really thought about moving my central account to one of the bigger firms just to facilitate it. Again, I think they are a great bench, but their tech for 2018 SO is obsolete that it's kind of a joke. It' a bit of a comedy.

Also, the fundamental things at some of the other bank have such as submitting cheques on your telephone, Gtfcu does not have (again, that app has been a travesty). Client services, on-line bank and their applications are all atrocious. I opened new bank accounts with another credit union, and it's like clockwork!

I kicked myself because I didn't leave this bench before. Consistent shutdown of the services, closing without backup schedules if the services is switched off due to an issue. It has the poorest client services. There could only be one man working in this bench. I' m (at the time of this letter) a member of the Aggieland Credit Union, which is a member of the Greater Texas Federal Credit Union.

Opening an existing one at a nearby bankaccount because I have always had good and positive experience with them. Spare yourself serious headaches and prevent your business with this institution. The GTFCU cancelled the order and took funds from my landlord's accounts and put them in mine once while trying to move from my accounts to a lessor on-line, and it took several months to resolve the problem.

Attempting to call the bench to solve the problem did not help: These are horrible times for the bench. When you have a job/career during the course of the working week, it is almost not possible to speak to or attend the bench, as they usually end at 4pm. But as kind as the public may be, the EBRD has not kept pace with the standard of today's banking industry.

I' m not trying to denigrate the bench, but I would strongly advise going with someone else for your bench needs. It is only suitable for persons over 85 years of age. No. Most badly, if you make more than 4 trades in a single months (incoming or outgoing) you will receive a $35-charges!

I had never even seen it at another bench and they would refuse to accept it every few times they said it was a law. So, this bench is NOTHING else than trouble. I' ve never seen a bench that has guys working there, arguing with clients and bothering them.

Thus if you want a bench that adds fraudulent charges, you press you with them from the sump of society...this is the bench for you as long as Jonathan Wilder works there. When you want to go so far as to have to make open appeals, file appeals against the Attorney General's and Credit Union Board and go to trial.... this is the bench for you!

Years ago, after the terrible property crisis, they were a great place for banks to work. The last two days of the inquiry end today and, of course, at the end of the morning we get a call without superiors who can talk to us about the issue in which they tell us that we will not get our hard-earned cash back.

Thanks for your beautiful *sarcasm* services. after they asked me to become a member. Credit would even look at my credit request until this was over. At the time I said I needed a mortgage in less than a weeks, they seemed to care nothing about the whole thing, I cancelled my request.

I' ve never seen such terrible work. That' been my credit union for many years. You offer outstanding client services. I' ve just got astonishing things to say about the personnel, trustworthiness and dependability of GTFCU people. I' ve been going to GTFCU for a long while.

Links in order to change to a credit cooperative. Soon after I asked for a used vehicle rental to buy a racket for a day's drive to work. If I go to the store, they know my name. It offered me a stinking mindset and a poor communications.

Juanita was totally useless, so I had to go through 3 other credit clerks to get help. I will never again do dealings or sent to the Greater Texas Credit Union. I' d NEVER have this bench as "financial partners for life" and then let myself be cheated like in the last 2 workdays.

The HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE loan officer and banking in general. I' ve been a member of GTFCU for ten years and have never had a single appeal. They' re kind and supportive and every times I had a problem like cheating with my credit cards they were useful and very useful.

This was quickly taken on by the EBRD, which ensured that the costs incurred by the mistake were covered. It' good to know I can count on my bench these days. Things were going well until my credit cards didn't work, for some reasons ONLY at HEB.

They said I hadn't tried to use my credit or they would have a recording of it, authorized or not. They didn't believe me that I had tried to use my credit cards (they didn't see a recording), but the operator asked me to go to the Lamar store and get a new one.

In some places the credit cards still work and I didn't want to spend $10 on a credit cards to use my own cash. The" supervisor" said she could reduce the charge to $5. I don't want to buy $5 and never had to buy it at my other bank.

Eventually, my deal wasn't even $5 in value for that house, so I immediately shut down my client accounts. Having established an outstanding working relation with a banking institution, it turned out that the GTFCU could take less interest in long-term work. You' d think that after disbursing several loan amounts to the value of ten thousand each, the bench would at least recognise you.... and perhaps treating you with a little more respectful if you consider it's been in production for years.

Non-GTFCU. Now, here's something for the GTFCU marketing department to think about. Last I asked for a credit, you thought for a few nights. when your credit clerk chose to call me back... one. Stroke. Three years ago, a credit analyst said that they make their choices based on more than just earning and creditworthiness - that it is important for them to build a family.

The GTFCU has never been the least pricey or the quickest... but I thought maybe if I showed accountability and monthly for monthly of on per diem payings, they could carve a little more about my biz... So I came in this mornin' to consider another credit with you. The credit clerk recognised me - but not even a "thank you" for returning.

rate are the same (except for the 1/4 point as stated above...oh, and you can get another 1/4 point for straight withdrawal), but the earnings check necessary for our 6th assessment is the only thing that matter regarding interest rates. That'?s all about a retailer in the area to take charge of it.

Bye-bye, GTFCU.

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