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Weather in Google now

Simply tap it and you'll have a link to Google's weather app on your home screen. Weather conditions with Weather Underground are displayed by Google according to the Google Web Search Features page. Getting Google's hidden weather app on your home screen " Android

Now you can get the latest weather information from Google without opening the Google or News & Weather applications. However you will need to use Google to reaccess the weather the old-fashioned way, but you will have the ability to place a link on your home page to directly accede to the weather.

Stage 1 "OK Google, what's the weather like?"

The weather should be shown first on the results page. The" Include this place in your list" button allows you to easily include several places in the weather application for your convenience. Adding some allows you to use them by typing the find field. All you have to do now is touch the Hamburg menue (three lines) at the top right of the display.

In the Weather section, you will see the ability to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and below it an ability to include weather in your Home window. Simply touch it and you'll have a link to Google's weather application on your home page. You can place the link anywhere from there.

There is also the option that the weather link is only available for mobile telephones with Marshmallow 6.0 or higher. Although it is quite possible that Google will update the function to older version of Android, we just have to await at this point.

View or delete maps in your feeder - Android

To see useful information without asking, look at the maps in your Google App Feeds. Maps are displayed in your feeder when it makes the most sense, depending on things like your place or age. Open your Google application on most Google Apps. When you have a pixel telephone, a Nexus or Google Play editing unit, you can delete directly from your home page instead.

Refer to Managing Ad Maps (below). Advertisements can be displayed in your newsfeeds. These maps are identified by the words "Display" in the lower part. In order to modify which displays you see, go to Display Preferences. You can personalise your feedback to see what you see on the basis of some of your Google preferences and activity.

You can view and customize the activities stored in your Google Account by going to My Activities.

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