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The spa is the perfect mix of old and new Russian banya or bathhouse scene. Large massages that are both relaxing and therapeutic. Learn why you can enjoy one of Manhattan's best spas with rejuvenation cures, gym, sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, and more.

NYC Youll Love: Best Facials and Spas

known for making scientifically sophisticated products sexier (and a peeling fluid that retains the scent of many years of wine and is a must-have for every well-known wellness enthusiast). You' ll be leaving this huge Union Square venue with shiny skins better than any filters. With a multi-page long services menue, every individual choice will give you the impression that you have just received a tailor-made procedure.... even if you haven't.

772-2766 Rescue Spa, 29 East 19 St.; (866) 772-2766. Or, choose a massaging, waxing or full bodied session (we suggest the Zen Harmony for the final relaxation). Sisley-Paris Spa, 35 East76th Street (3rd floor at Carlyle); (212) 660-7560. Our aim is to provide your lung and your skins with high-quality ventilation and to enhance the maximum effectiveness of tailor-made Diamond Extreme Line or whatever your skins needs.

When you first try this, here is a foretaste of what could happen: a moisturizing cleansing, a tailor-made cosmetic care, a tapering ocular care, a perfection face and peeling massages and a colour-matched care (a CC creme that makes you look safe and even). Shibui Spa, 377 Greenwich Street (The Greenwich Hotel); (646) 203-0045.

An editor went to Haven for her Peach Smoothie session - which is essentially a face procedure for your vulvar. 250 Mercer Street (East Fourth Street); (212) 343-3515. good epidermis is an integrated part of the work. Dermatology, 911 Park Avenue (East 80th Street); (212) 772-7242 works with some of the most iconic contemporary trends.

No wonder, then, that all the pictures she has contributed to have a central theme: perfectly glowing skins. "Swift says, "I see Ildi Pekar for her refinement face and creative fitness sessions for the physical. Pekar has magnetically fleecing face canal. Can Ildi Pekar at 20 East 49th St.; (212) 682-6080. Their characteristic treatement, the Crown Face triples, ring at $550 for an hours (with Vargas herself; $250 for another beautician).

It is a micro-current face procedure divided into three stages that improves face contour, reduces swelling and increases flexibility. SOJOANNA VARGAS, 501 Fifth Avenue (42nd Street); (212) 949-2350. Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock for their juvenile shine. GEARGIA LUISE, 114 East 71st Street (near Park Avenue), #1E; (212) 472-1400.

Heyday is your gift from heaven if you want to save the trouble and cost of selecting, reserving and binding yourself to a two-hour facelift. There are three face choices (a 30-minute, a 50-minute and the other 75-minute mask) in the meal to help prevent the fear of selecting from an endless schedule of treatments.

Heyday, 67 796-7796 East St.; (212) 796-7796. Self-service at 37 Western 19 st., #3; (917) 243-1389. Had we had to guesswork, we'd say it was the Triplexygen Facial that Bliss used as a hotspot for the hide. It includes a specific peeling, an energising enzymatic package, three different types of oxigen and an oxigen aerosol to wake up your tan and make your face lighter than when you go in.

When you have the feeling that your hide is at a point where there is no turning back, go directly to Daphne. It is a cosy room that seems to have been picked from a Paris road and provides strong, transforming treatment such as microcurrents and microneedling as well as excellent (but gentle) extraction. Daphne, 375 Broome St; (347) 382-8807.

Whilst most of the brand's spas are in the UK, the New York store is equipped with all the luxurious treatment that uses only the brand's exclusive natural formulae. Preferably peeling procedures such as Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial and Hdrya Diamond Exfoliation. However, if you are on the marked for some good old, juvenile tapering procedures, that is also your place.

Bio-pharmacy, 353 Bleecker Stra├če, (212) 929-7407 with the lead beautician Edyta Jarosz. Or, remain for the whole meal of premium face care and other complimentary service, such as dry peelings and a complete cleansing face treatment with extracts and oxy LEDs. The PFRANKMD Beauty Salon, 1049 Fifth Ave. Of course, the treatment is a variation of La Prairie's classic face care product.

The Prairie Spa at Ritz Carlton New York, 50 Central Park South, (212) 308-9100.

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