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Credit Unions in Sacramento, CA. Entries tagged with'Golden One Credit Union'. For example, see Capital One's. Golden Credit Cooperative. Discover what works well at Golden One Credit Union from the people who know best.

Teenage 1 Credit Union - 77 ratings - Banks & Credit Unions - 128 Niblick Rd, PASO ROBLES, CA - Telephone number

At the moment this is my favourite place in Golden 1, because of the comfort and brevity of the line. The best public servant bench I was ever asked to work with was Golden 1, which is why I chose to work with them when I returned to the city. Whilst my workhouse has a Golden 1 ATM, I go to this office to pay in my weekly cheque so it is immediately available in my checking accounts.

When I deposited my cheque today after work, only two guys were standing in front of me and the line was moving really quickly. This is quite impressing, I think, as this site is encircled by state owned building and the pay day for civil servants was then. I' ve realized that I can usually get a good level of services here without having to struggle with a long line.

This was not my personal experiance at the Douglas site in Roseville or the "O" site in Sacramento. I will always return to this place to enjoy the comfort, the good services and the quick waiting time. It is located opposite the California capital. While I wanted to set up an bankroll at this point, I ended up in a different place to start my bank business with Golden One.

Haven been a faithful buyer for years and after agitating, trying to get a legal check asked to make sure it would be okay, they said no problem they lie, I said to complain... it was for a home that closes and they did NOTHING to try to work with me.

I' ve never had such poor experiences with a bench. Dear Oh dear, I can't believe many a stellar ratings because I'm a lucky client for 7 years now. I' ve been to several stores, mostly using L-road until the newest store opened on 7 and J. and the only complaints I can make is that the wires can be secured quickly, especially around the first of the months, but otherwise no problems.

The stores I have been to are cleaned, in good places and have good client services. There are no routes to the newest store on the seventh and J's Position, you are instructed to be in the sofa. It is also very easy for me to make transfers to another Golden 1 member and to protect them from cheating.

At Christmas my credit cards were compromised, but the action on my bankroll was marked as a scam, and it was. Luckily, the funds were not paid from my bankroll to my cheque to pay for it (although I had a bank draft protection), and only a small deal made it, but I think that's because I often use this trader and the amount was very small, it didn't cause me any trouble.

and I was a very lucky client that Golden 1 was protecting my accounts the way they were. One of the lessons for me for next year will be to use a credit or debit cards instead of Visa credit cards, so in case my details are compromised, I will not face any difficulty in not being able to settle invoices or have cash "in the bank" until the claims procedure and the examination have taken place.

I was in Mexico and phoned them to tell them my bank details were taken and to stop all transaction, they did not! A few month later I realised that it was a total error to take out a credit with Golden1. All I had nothing but trouble with Golden 1. I thought I hate Wells Fargo, but unfortunately I found Golden 1 much harder.

That credit we were trying to get was nothing but ache. Time and again the credit intermediary asked for documents that had already been sent and finally we had to get our credit elsewhere, which was without being aches. The credit union is definitely the "JV" group, maybe even the first-year group.

I' m with Golden One for about two years. Initially, our client services were good, but recently not so good in the Stockton and Tracy stores. Would- I compensable off a 10k debt and went in for other debt aft inactivity 45 point to see a negotiator was announced that they would telephone me, point denied allotment.

I' ve got a good amount of moneys in my life and I went to the Tracy store to collect a cheque, the cashier was very boring and unkind. I' m gonna change credit cooperatives. There''s no scam protector on your credit cards. Cancellation of the membership is the only "fraud protection".

There' is no way to fraudulently declare a particular transactions on-line and verify or get it approved. They' ll get you a new ticket with a new number, but they won't credit you with the scam charges. Simply inacceptable for a credit cardholder with the VISA signature. I' ve got a private credit at Golden 1 and have been a member for over 10 years.

I will also have my check paid directly into my current bank accounts. I borrowed $10,000. I was never too tardy until recently during the entire term of the credit. Borrowing elimination programmes need to raise resources from you before making a suggestion to the creditors. So I phoned Golden 1 and told them more than once.

But I couldn't have afforded to buy the indebtedness combining institution and Golden 1, as the medium of exchange that took the indebtedness system was medium of exchange that would ultimately be compensable to Golden 1. And I have given them a date on which the suggestion (amount to be borne by them each month) will be made.

There was no hope for the credit division that charged them. You went a little bit and chose to take cash from my current without my knowing to cover the arrears that brought me into more of a monetary bond and crying. Since then I have ceased my deposits and my bankroll with them.

Please do NOT use this Credit Union. Just because I could not give a bad review, the support team will actually issue it. A very bad businessmodel in the mortgageshop. You have a consumer aid businessperson who opportunity that they are a debt administrator, archer you that your debt is authorized and that your approval athletic contest their concept.

DO NOT NEGOTIATE do not negotiate an approval until you have a written approval............ or better still, take your credit to an establishment that actually enjoys lending cash vs. thong along and take valuation moneys. Horrible client services, especially from the Spain team. Also, you can say you have the authority to take someone's bankroll and anyone off at any moment and at any moment to take away and that who takes care if the single suffers from cancer!

Former Golden One member and now Wells Fargo client. As many others, I chose to abandon Wells and join a government-owned credit union. If I applied on-line and it was declined. I' m very creditworthy, but apparently - and I guess because they won't tell me anything - I caused a "golden loss" when I went.

I' m done playin' dentistry at Golden One and I' m gonna move my store. Do not request credit card or loan from this wardrobe. They' re taking out your loan from five years ago. Incredibly non-professional services. Attempted to close an $1ccount owned by a late kin. Obviously there are 3 open windows ruled by those who don't or don't know how to make money on line.

In general, I am able to make payment for his Golden 1 credit cards and credit line on-line. They are paid every months via the on-line invoice at our house banks, unless I do not have enough preparation work. The credit cooperative really is in the Middle Ages in terms of client service.

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