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The Globe is the in-flight magazine and ship directory for Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Newest tweets from Globe Magazine (@BostonGlobeMag). Latest news and features from the editors of Boston Globe Magazine. Globa Magazine brings you the latest news, articles, horoscopes, puzzles and more! Receive your discounted Globe subscription.

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The Globe is the in-flight magazine and shipping index for cruises & maritime voyages. Launched in June 2017, it will be available throughout the entire shipping company's fleets. This magazine is conceived and produced by Waterfront, an independant magazine publishing and creativity company located in the centre of London. There are two in-house magazine titles, both dedicated to the tourism industry, Cross Adviser and Solus.

The company has provided editing support to companies such as Emerald Waterways, Reed Smith and Widgety.

The US magazine Globe says the queen is going to die and Camilla has an nasty plan to take the crown.

The magazine Globe says the 86-year-old is' ill and fades quickly'. It states that she is trying to undermine Prince William and Kate Middleton from the crown. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were shot at Buckingham Palace on Friday as Indonesian President Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his spouse bid farewell.

She provoked indignation in 1997 when she published autopsie photographs of the assassinated JonBenét Ramsey, Princess of Childhood. It was a murder," the title screams, crediting the painting as the "Last photograph. However, Globe magazine took the matter further, claiming that she was expecting and that her first baby with Prince William failed.

The headlines were:'Kate lost babe! Your overwhelming heart rupture as William goes into the army. Prince William and Kate were described as "devastated" in September after the publication of several hundred Duchess snapshots. He demanded that the photographers in charge be put in prison - a technical option made possible by France's stringent data protection legislation.

Just a few desperate days before, it would have been difficult to overlook the sensational headlong rush of images of a nude Prince Harry in Vegas leaking out to the global headlines.

Self-storage Association Globe Magazine

the only nonprofit magazine for the self-catering sector. Begun over 40 years ago as a newsletters for association members, it has grown into a strong magazine that contains information about SSA's activity, self-care sector innovations and feature information, as well as the latest product and service releases from various governmental and non-governmental self-care organisations and association members.

Please do not hesitate to leave comments on anything you see in the magazine, and if there is a subject you would like us to report on, just let us know.

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