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AAM-certified monthly magazine, Global Traveler USA is published mainly for business and luxury travelers. The monthly magazine for the frequent traveling business and luxury elite. Newest tweets from Global Traveler (@GTmag). A source for luxurious business travelers. For travel information and sightseeing follow this link.

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Global Traveler announced Hall of Fame winner. Accessed January 25, 2017. Global Traveler declares thirteenth annual GT Tested Reader survey awards. newscenter1. tv. Accessed January 25, 2017. Global Traveler starts to publish China issue". Accessed January 25, 2017. Mike D, Smith (January 10, 2017). "Travellers commend United Airlines' fidelity programme, as the poll shows."

Accessed January 25, 2017. Global Traveler names advertising director. Accessed January 25, 2017. Boingo named best WiFi service by Global Traveler Magazine. Accessed January 25, 2017. Global Traveler names TAP Portugal the best airline in Europe for the sixth time in a row. Accessed January 25, 2017. EVA "EVA gewinnt den Special Global Traveler Leisure Lifestyle Award "Outstanding Customized Service" et Hello Kitty Jets gelobt".

Accessed January 25, 2017.

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The Global Traveler is a magazine for the frequent travelers corporate and luxuries élite. Global Traveler also understand and emphasize the epiphany of travelling, from the best wines in every town to the most prestigious greens and spa resorts in the overworld. It does not overlook the need to know information, which includes frequent reports on travellers' healthcare, technologies and newsworthiness.

The Global Traveler's Award is considered the last words for the best offers in air travel and accommodation. Back issuances and futures are available within the app. Upcoming editions are also available through the following subscription(s) with automatic renewal: If you do not already own it and have already released it later, the pass contains the latest edition.

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