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Boutique Hotel and Country Gourmet Chester - Relais & Châteaux Please try again later or call our support, thank you. Don't hesistate to directly get in touch with your Relais & Châteaux Reservation Centre or the real estate. There is a large bathroom with bathtub, seperate hot water showers, working gaz stove and TV with TV.

There is a living/bedroom with a large double-bedded room, a large fire place, double glazed door to the patio and a bathroom with bathtub and separate toilet. Glenmere Mansion's starry inner cortical well on the ground level and Glenmere Mansion's reddish roofs overlook the world.

Gllenmere Mansion - 104 pictures & 50 reviews - Hotels - 634 Pine Hill Rd, Chester, NY - Phone number - Prices

Unsurpassed services. It' all tasted astonishing. It' an adventure. It' all so good, you don't want the food to end. They are perfectly made and the services are just like yours. It really is a really unique eating event. Mr President, I must begin this report by saying that it is almost exclusively due to an unbelievably bad thing we have experienced with ONE individual in Glenmere who has almost entirely and unilaterally wrecked our Honeymoon time.

At Glenmere I reserved us for 2 days, 14th to 16th November, at a price of about $1300/night for their 2 fireplace suites as chimney flurge to relax from our nuptial week. Unbelievably disillusioned and tired, but we didn't want to spoil our honeymoon, we ordered room delivery and treat ourselves to the champagne chip they gave us with a beautiful hand-written memo about our honeymoon.

When my man was starving, he decided to get us a dinner while I talked to her. Telling her that I was very disillusioned with the chimney that didn't work in our room, I said that this was the primary cause why we had visited Glenmere for our honeymoon. Walking around the city of Warwick, which was as picturesque and enchanting as the population.

Most of the rooms are nice, but the missing services and offenses are not really interesting - especially with the mad, high prices. We' re going to supper on Thursday evening. It is a great value because we would not have ordered a different bottle of vine for each course, but this is part of the lump sum.

At Glenmere Mansion, dining in an exclusive room with just perfect dining, services and wines always seems like a million. Each detail, even the cup of tea at the end of the dinner, was perfect. Attitude is in the countryside beauties of the Orange County NY hinterland. It' great to eat and the surroundings! It was a first-class and thoughtful customer care.

On a Thursday night we went out and used the Weinabendessen for a set rate - best meals at such a reasonable rate - the ambience is fantastic - a gem of a place! It was flawless in every way. That was excellent cooking. Your attitudes were similar to going to a high-dollar shop and they think you're not worth being there.

The Glenmere Mansion is located on a 150 hectare site that was once the refuge of the Goelet familiy (one of the super-rich NYS early twentieth century couples, few of whom have ever known). They come from all over the land, some come by chopper. The rooms cost $750 per room with a minimal of two nights.

Meals and wellness are extra. They come from all over the countryside on the weekend, some just to use the spas. Either you can dine in the dinning room or in the taverna, which in good season serves meals and drinks in the lovely village of El Cortina. Dinner's good, but don't be expecting a four-star Micheline menu.

Hopefully the astonishing services, the wonderful facility, the exquisite food and the pleasant spas will be able to keep up in the future, because I am planning to come back again and again! To put it mildly, the whole experiment was to the point. I' had an astonishing nurse with an fancy spasetail. They are astonishing and make you something really unique.

Well, the motel itself is astonishing, but the mansion was outside the city. We' had a great part of our lives and as nurses we joined thanks to your work. The Glenmere Mansion is part of the Relais & Chateaux range, which combines a certain amount of prestigiousness and ambiance. Unfortunately, the real gastronomic event is more like a mixture of an upper class cottage and a run-down luxurious resort.

Glenmere I know like to show the Manhattan chopper (and for those who are so priviledged, I suppose a Bentley is available nearby), but for the remainder of you Plebejern, make sure you have an easier way to move, as the next city is a 10-15 minute ride (Storm King and Dia:Beacon are both 20-30 minute ride from Glenmere).

Glenmere's vast country is amazing, especially on the first arrival. Meal: We had dinner at Frog's End Tavern, the cheaper alternative on the area. I' m not a big fans of hotel meals, but because of the restricted possibilities in the area we chose to do it for the first evening (the second we ate in Kitchen Sink after we had visited Dia:Beacon, which I couldn't really do.

Unfortunately, the dinner fades in relation to a place like Kitchen Sink. We were expected from at least three different server at different hours during the lunch. It was so awful that we missed dinner the second day and decided to go to Warwick, near by, to have burrito for cafe La Monde for breakfasts - so much better!

Me and my missus lived near here and never slept in Glenmere Mansion, but we ate in both of them and had Sunday brunches on several occasion, most recently last week-end. Although we have always liked Glenmere for his elegant and detailed design, I am sorry to inform you that we were disappointed on our last one.

Whilst the event was still very enjoyable, we are expecting to see excellence at these rates, and it just wasn't the same as it was in the past. My wife's favourite desert (Mrs. Astor's Sundae) was not as good as the villa's best desert, the chocolate pie, because it replaced blonde bite with bits of taffy and an inadequate frosting for what we had been given on previous trips.

Some of the forest fungus crêpes my woman had ordered were also sub-par, tasteless and stuffed with a paste-like conglomerate instead of cut slices of them. She had most of her food on her plates and split my lobster Benedict. We will try Glenmere again sometime, but this one we were honestly disillusioned.

I have been there several time and I am enjoying the terrain and the combinations of wines. Everything went very well with the meal and the wines. Sara, our waitress who worked at our desk, must have had a very poor evening. It had overturned a wineglass on our desk, which thank God was empty and never apologised.

The Glenmere Mansion is a great place to eat. Approaching Glenmere, you take a long ride to an early twentieth century Italian mansion. There are many employees in the field. During the whole dinner the services were ample and enjoyable. After we placed our order, a tasty sandwich hamper with a croissant, bicuit and two kinds of cupcakes was shipped to the dinner menu.

Amazingly, our jars were topped up throughout the entire lunch. Our staff at the desk chose both. Someone else at our desk had a fumigated lox cake that someone at the desk noticed was looking like fumigated lox on a magic rug. All in all it was a great dinner in a great atmosphere. Some small gaps in eating and serving led to the four star, but they were really small.

Your wines look great! As I live near here, I ate at Glenmere several meals and this was a great disillusion. When we got there, we were asked to sit in one of the other rooms and waited until our desk was made.

I left after 20 min to find out if our desk was finished or if they were still maybe still awaiting the ink to cure. Eight seventy-five bucks for three. A very low value for it. Sure, $800 and $3,500 for ONE NOctURNE in your old, homemade motel may sometimes work for you, but which of them goes to Chester, New York for a "luxury trip"?

Sad, many folks no doubts, but how long can the folks in Glenmere play this game? If someone is calling and asking for prices and asking a few simple question, a prospective client who is willing to pay $1200 per room per day should not be ratted out when asking what conveniences and service is provided in the room.

Glenmere is the place to be if you want a complete eating adventure. While enjoying the atmosphere of the villa, I enjoyed a delicious cherry-colocktail. Wish I had tried the desert, but since I had completed every piece of my lunch, I just couldn't have ate!

I' m looking forward to eating in Glenmere again. Great dinner and an incredible backdrop in a privately owned chateau with a view of the lakes. We' ve been there eight years ago under the old leadership and the distinction is 24 hours a day. It'? While I expected a courteous and thoughtful response, I was rather regarded as a gad.

We really didn't pay any notice to our customerservice. None of the two main courses had a taste and the servings were very small (which is good because the meal was terrible). Maybe the meal at the other place is better, but the frosty end was horrible. I' ve been here twice and ate here more often.

I have to say for what you get, the prize point is a little high (almost twice the prize of The Saint Regis in NYC), but there aren't too many places like Glenmere, so it's in a singular class. But I think this is in cognition occupation because anywhere other and no one would ever be choice to profitable $700 per dark.

When I had finished my first visits I thought it would be a good idea to enjoy the ambience of a typical manor house in Tuscany for lunch and supper, while in the distant past I could spend the night at the Bedford Post Inn, an also beautiful Relais et Chateaux estate 40 min outside the town for 1/3 of the Glenmere town.

Glenmere is the place to be if you are looking for an getaway into the green and want to be in a luxury environment among a fairly wealthy mob. So if you're looking for a more relaxing and less demanding atmosphere in a wooded town, I'd say the Bedford Post is the way to go.

I' m admitting how often I have lived in Glenmere, some well-to-do, but noisy, pushy'New Yorkers' remained there and after a few vials of vine they made the place their own with screaming laughs and roaring votes. And, of course, two young pairs on Wall Street who had cash to spend the second evening were very busy, forcing us to retire to our room for the nights while the pairs tried to tell each other the tales.

I felt the greatest mistake of Glenmere is the pretentious stance of the personnel. Starting from the main safety control of the front line cast intelligence to David Spade-esken'Aaaaand youuuuuuuu are??? It is astonishing to see the palace's court and you are taken to an ltalian mansion while eating there.

I always kind of like the kind of dinner I think is okay. If you go here just for the meal, you may be frustrated. The critic on here who in a resume purported to be a nutrition specialist because she recognised some reputations that the boss had fallen down and allegedly educated and then traashed the pub in others because they would not specifically lodge their foods allergies....

Glenmere will not disappoint you if you remain here looking for an exit from the town and you don't care to pay three time more than in similar places. {\*Despite the fact that there is no place like Glenmere. For a villa on the Gold Coast, visit Oheka Castle on Long Island.

Though you will not get the same facilities (pool, spas, etc.), you can spend the night in a villa on the Gold Coast for about $350. With Glenmere you pay for the Relais et Chateaux gloves and the Relais et Chateaux label, which is almost the best. And Glenmere gets my permission stamps, although the personnel could really pull the arrogance down a step.

And she didn't know anything about drinks or dinner on the menus. When our dinner came, it was extreme mediocrity. We' re sorry. We were frustrated. There is a clear need to improve the quality of the meals, and to train the personnel in fundamental hospitableness would also be a plus. It has a fantastic ambience, as well as the meals and services!

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