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Excursions from Nyc

Best weekend trips from NYC. Team Fathom's Weekend Getaways. Leaving the city with these winter excursions from NYC. Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful regions in New York State, the Catskills Mountains are an easy and comfortable excursion from NYC. When you are looking for your next peaceful escape from NYC, we know the perfect place.

Weekend-trips from NYC

However much I like to live in New York City, I have the feeling that it is important for my mind to flee from time to time. While there are a lot of fun towns that make simple NYC week-end trips - Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC - I often crave something far away from the lively pubs, world-class museum and bustling roads I can find here.

My favourite NYC week-end trips are a little quieter: small cities, lakeside cottages, single-lane motorways, farmers' market, which are just a stone's throw away from the real estate. Thankfully, there are actually a ton of choices within a three-hour drive from Manhattan (as long as you don't get off at 5pm on a Friday).

At the end I wonder why I pay so much to stay in town when I could have so much more outside! Berkshires is my first stop for a week-end away from New York City: It is situated on the border of Western Massachusetts and New York State, is only two hours by car from the town and has little transport.

Per tip: Stop at Red Rooster for a hamburger and a kirsch dipping on the way there and/or back. Nyack is a hinterland town with an artistic atmosphere if you want to get away from NYC but don't want to go too far. Time Nyack is a brandnew resort in the area and it pays to stay only one night by the water.

It is a brief stroll from the Hudson River road, surrounded by cafés, restuarants and inns. The Nyack library, shrouded in ice, was particularly popular with me, and I stopped for a delicious breakfast at Gypsy Donuts. Instead, these small cities have a vintage flair: You have to get a ball into Springer's Ice Cream at dark (wait in line!), get a gluey role at Kohler's in the mornings ( "wait in line" too), play miniature-golf at the countless places and pick up sun cream and sun games at Hoy's 5&10.

Dollar County is really one of my favourite places to spend quite a week-end, although I believe how it is greatly underestimated, especially by the New York City sets. In Pennsylvania, it is a group of charming cities and main streets. Even though we spent the night in a nice B&B not far from Peddler's Village, I think it would be great to sleep in the small city of New Hope - it's full of great places to eat and drink (also very homosexual and homey).

While this small port city is best known as the setting for Julia Roberts' Mystic Pizza break-out roll (yes, there is a Mystic Pizza, and yes, you can eat a big cake there), it is also home to a world-class tank and a beautiful coastline. Could you suggest a week-end trip from NYC?

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