Georgia Military College

University of Georgia Military Academy

The Georgia Military College (GMC) is a military-oriented educational institution in Milledgeville, Georgia. You have arrived at the Georgia Military College Learning Management System. Milledgeville, GA. The Savannah College of Art & Design.

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University of Georgia Military College - A Liberal Arts Junior College

Organisations are looking for specialists and executives with a Bachelors qualification. This course of study is aimed at those who have completed an AAS course in economics. Whichever your subject area, this course prepares you to become a management or supervisory assistant in your subject area.

BAS in Supervisory and Managing is aimed at preparing the student for leadership roles in various companies and sectors. It provides a sound knowledge of supervisory and managerial practice that develops the ability of our alumni to succeed in their work.

BAS in Leadership in Supply Management and Logistic prepares the student for a career in the areas of Leadership in Leadership, Logistic and related areas. Undergraduates who have completed an AAS course have the possibility to pursue their studies and get ready for promotion in their subject area.

The programme gives you an Associate's Diploma, which can result in a four-year qualification in Cyber Security, Computer Science or Information Technology. Informatics is a course of studies that is in great demand among all employees. The course will also be transferred to a four-year course of computer science studies.

In today's information industry, information technology is also a hot topic. These degrees qualify you for introductory staff posts and can lead to a four-year course of studies in computer science. Empower the student to learn, debate and think about the ethics they are confronted with. Provide pupils with the necessary instruments to think through ethics critically and responsibly.

Provide an enviroment in which you practise "civil" discourses in the midst of different perspectives. With our pupils, sensitize them to the sufferings of others and a tendency to help those in need. Developing the intellectual skills of our undergraduates will be accomplished through accelerated accreditation of graduate programmes that lead to an associated qualification in our program and a sound basis for further training at a four-year university.

We at Georgia Military College specialise in securing your continued prosperity, no matter which way you go. You can build on a strong base by providing programmes and curricula that meet your needs. Get ready for college standard course work and increase your intelligence.

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