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Create your own weather portal with StormWeather and deliver the accuracy, reliability, flexibility and mobility your customers demand. Weather " Weather geo-engineering The paper begins with a question: Is "global warming", also known as "climate change", a distraction of weather changes through geo-engineering, which includes HAARP, chem trails and microwaves? drkatesviewBrought about by the "hockey stick" images of a man-made earthquake that has gone wrong due to the man-made causes such as the farts of cow, chimney, car exhaust, respiration, deforestation and the economy of advanced nations, are we so confused that we ignore the fundamental facts of weather changes that have taken place in this nation since at least the Vietnam War?

Secondly, why is the environment ignored by the environment as part of its concerns about "climate change"? The Center for Research on Globalization says the U.S. administration has been conducting routine weather changes for at least half a century-long experiment.

Formerly known as Project Cirrus (1947) and Project Popeye (1966), weather change is no longer a clandestine praxis. Indeed, a bill (S517) was proposed in 2005 by Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a Republican, "to form the Weather Amendment Operations and Research Board, and for other missions.

However, there is cause to believe that various state institutes are conducting a large number of legitimate and illicit weather studies without providing the general population with information. People who have recorded the HAARP bands, microwaves and chem trails are on track with the geo-engineering of the world' s climates as the man-made sources of "global warming " and have experienced the same kind of treatments as others who have ventured to tell the honest facts about any number of dangers deliberately caused to the people.

Someone wants to make a living and have complete climatic controls. Whilst each of these is intrinsically hazardous, the combination of HAARP, chemtrail and nano technology is creating chaos across America. If one warms up the air synthetically, changes its electric characteristics and sends vibration impulses into the ground, one can no longer check or predict what is released.

This is one of the best videos ever made about the real source and mechanism of HAARP, and how it is used to change the weather, although it was originally intended to be part of our nation's fortifications.

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