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The Bungee Mall Jump - Cajun Cafe. The Genesee Valley Center is a closed shopping center in Flint Township, Michigan, outside the city of Flint, Michigan, USA. Geneva Valley Center, Flint, Michigan. Bezirksbibliothek for the new location in the shopping center Genesee Valley Center.


The Genesee Valley Center is a closed mall in Flint Township, Michigan, outside the town of Flint, Michigan, USA. The commercial centre, which opened in 1970, has 118,209.5 sqm of letable space. There are three shops in the mall: one for anchorage: Situated on Miller Road and Linden Road, near the intersection of Interstate 69 (I-69) and I-75.

JCPenney integrated an east side of the shopping centre in 1979. Cunningham drug store was torn down in 1993 for a piano with a Mervyns, Montgomery Ward was also added. This addition made the shopping center the biggest shopping center in Michigan just off Detroit with 120,000 m2 of total rental space.

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