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Rent the best Garden Wedding Venues London has to offer. Located on the grounds of the Lost Orangery, it offers a unique garden wedding location in the Cotswolds. The world-famous gardens and iconic buildings provide a unique and unforgettable setting for your wedding or corporate event. Have a look at our collection of the best Garden Wedding Venues, perfect for your special day! in the Secret Garden Wedding Venue Kent.

Best 10 garden wedding venue for rent

From the roof terrace in central London to country festivals in the country, we enjoy garden marriages. In order to make it much simpler for you, we have compiled a few garden wedding hints here. A few hints from experts for the organisation of your garden wedding: Preparing your guests lists in anticipation is an important way to create a personal travel budge.

And this will help you choose the right assorted garden wedding scene, too! Prudently manage your expenses - Spend most of your money on event location rentals, meals and drinks. Consider the needs of your customers when designing the diary - make sure you are planning your speech throughout the entire dinner so that your customers don't have to wait long to get up (and don't stay up too late).

Think of the London climate - Don't overlook the need to draw up an emergency schedule for heavy rains! Most garden weddings have specific on-site arrangements for such cases, so it is always good to ask the managers if they are willing to deal with such an emergency. Stuff to consider when engaging a garden wedding location in London:

Horticulture is a great UK pastime, and whether you yourself are fond of greens or just appreciate the pristine beauties of a garden, why not get remarried in a botanic garden?

Horticulture is a great UK pastime, and whether you yourself are fond of greens or just appreciate the pristine beauties of a garden, why not get remarried in a botanic garden? Botanic parks are situated in the midst of the most attractive and extraordinary areas of Great Britain. It offers a uniquely stylish frame, often in combination with antique architectural style.

Use the beautiful, fragrant environment, which also offers the ultimative scenery for your wedding pictures!

Barbecue London

Located in the heart of Royal Greenwich, this lovely garden is perfect for teambuilding, barbecues, pick nicks, beverage receipts, with 4000 square meters of area. We will make sure that you get exactly what you need. Marriages here in Nonsuch are memorable in this breathtaking area. They would marry in our lovely orchid room, which has enormous oriel facing the garden.

Eating is our passions - we own Bovingdon's caterers, so your wedding breakfasts are in the sure hand of our Michelin-tested cooks. We offer event location rentals ranging from 2000 - 6500 pounds inclusive of tax. Our package dinners and drinks vary from 85 - 132 pounds call us for one of our booklets.

Dare into a rainforest with unparalleled vegetation for a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Conservatory at Barbican is one of the most extraordinary, singular and remarkable places in London for marriages. This room is a utopian dream. Underneath the lovely sunroof, find romance and get wed among 2000 kinds of tropic herbs and over 100 kinds of tropic fishing.

Hug this beautiful haven hiding in the heart of London. Conservatoire is authorised to hold wedding and partner celebrations. The brickwork yard is much more than just a distinctive entry. The closed room becomes an open-air room, perfect for beverage and cannapé reception or even for eating under the starry sky.

The rental of the patio is part of the rent of the castle and will create a wonderful intimate ambience from the time of arrival of your host. Wedding vehicles can be driven into the patio and to the front of the house for this particular occasion to give you a unique entry.

Queen Mary Undercroft is perfect for those who need a room for pre-dinner dinners or an after-dinner dance or beverages. Located under the chapel, it is a multi-purpose room with high arched ceiling and imposing Greek columns. Ravens Ait Island is a must for your venue shortlist with breathtaking panorama view of the Thames and our beautifully laid out grass!

The Thames or Britannia Suite are our licences for civilian ceremony, the tent is the place for your wedding celebration. In the ROSL Garden you celebrate your dream wedding. This is the place for an elegance but relaxation during the wedding and welcome in winter.

It has a magnificent view, open-air sitting and a spacious open plan decking and is suitable for celebrations with up to 100 people on a semi-exclusive base, making it the ideal venue for a party. Royal Park Hotel's magnificent courtyard is a magnificent outside area, close to Hyde Park and just a few minutes walking distance from Paddington and Lancaster Gate underground stations.

It is an open-air room perfect for public or company functions and is particularly well suited as a location for networkingevents. Now, maybe that's not entirely the case, but it is certainly one of a kind, and an outdoors wedding in London is still difficult to hit when it rains or seems. There are a large number of venues throughout the town, with stylish lawns, lovely backyards or large courts to suit any wedding attire.

So what are you still waitin' for, get in tune with the outdoors and reserve an open-air place to start your journey through marriage. If you can inquire directly at one of these venues, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, or a sound construction is more your thing, then get in touch and our venues specialists can help you.

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