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The Galveston College (GC) is a community college on Galveston Island in Galveston, Texas. Discover Galveston College's ratings, rankings and statistics. A Galveston College bookshop that proudly serves. Find out the most important information about Galveston College, including application requirements, popular subjects, tuition fees, SAT results, AP credit guidelines and more. Newest tweets from Galveston College (@GalvestonEdu).

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The Galveston College (GC) is a Galveston Island based college in Galveston, Texas. The electorate voted to found the Galveston Junior College district on November 2, 1935. The following 1936 elections to underwrite the new county with a land duty were, however, a failure, as were several other efforts.

The mid-1960s saw the establishment of a college county on the Galveston County land - which eventually resulted in the opening of the College of the Principality - motivate the people of Galveston to reinvigorate the efforts to build a college on the island. In 1966, after the Attorney General of Texas obtained the view that the county - although never financed - was still in good legal order, the people voted for a levy to assist the new school.

Galveston College opened its gates to the public in September 1967, almost 32 years after the foundation of the area. At the end of the 1990', interest was shown in setting up a foundation that would help educate high schools in the municipality to go to college. The Galveston College Universal Access Foundation was established as a result.

Pupils who have completed one of the two high-school classes on the island (Ball High school and O'Connell Consolidated High School) and meet certain conditions are entitled to have their classes and dues funded by the Foundation: the Galveston Independent School District (i.e. Galveston and Jamaica Beach), the Hamshire Fannett and Sabine Pass boroughs in Jefferson County.

Therefore, Galveston College is serving several non-incorporated municipalities and the South Port Arthur. Approximately 2,400 undergraduates per term take advantage of the university's loan programmes for an ethnic diversity and almost 8,000 people take part in further training and personnel developments programmes every year. They have also worked with the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston to develop specific certification programmes and educational pathways.

University sports crews are called the Whitecaps.

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