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Weekend-Only Showroom. Big name brands, wide selection, big discounts on sofas, $$$ mattresses, furniture stores. It' always good to shop locally, but People's furniture takes it to a new level. is a family-owned company based in Evansville, IN. We offer the best furniture, mattresses at reasonable prices.

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More shops to find...... We are situated on the Lloyd Expressway just south of Burkhardt Road next to the Hobby Lobby. Shopping on-line or visiting one of our Indiana sites and let us help you set up your dream home. This is a place you can call home, a place that mirrors YOU and is set up the way you want it, without destroying the bench.

We take every precaution to reduce the hassle of buying furniture so that you find the right one. Which is the ideal number? This is the ideal play to complete a room, turn a home into a home and make you wonder how you have ever been without it, and we can't look forward to helping you find yours.

Benefit from super-savvy discounts on the sale articles that are only available in your Evansville shop. The prices for sale articles depend on the area of the shop, are quantitative and will be offered as they are and without any guarantee. The pictures shown on line are only representational and do not represent real pictures.

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Skilled, pressureless marketing employees are available to lead you through the purchasing processes. Sofa Mart, Bedroom Expressions, Oak Express and Denver Mattresses will help you every stage of the way, from selecting products and placing orders to purchasing, funding and deliver. You can find the right bed for you by finding your individual sleeping profile.

An easy test carried out by one of our sleeping specialists will decide the kind of pad and cushion that best suits your physique. They pride themselves on selling products from trusted brand names to give you the best in terms of styling, choice and value. The site is close to the University of Evansville and the University of Southern Indiana and is used by local community members, student and senior citizens.

Sofa Mart has designed a new interiors with visually designed labels to present the latest furniture that is classy and convenient, giving buyers a sense of how the furniture will look in their homes. Sofa-Mart is your resource for great design and convenient pricing. The sofa mart designer selects the widest range of furniture, a large choice of accented desks, lights, room carpets, stools, moving furniture and home accessories - in all style directions and priced ranges.

And as part of their dedication to client selection and contentment, Sofa Mart is delighted to announce the Make it Yours programme: tens of thousand available combination and custom orders tailored to the unique needs of customers. n celebrating the new interiors, buyers can take a shot at a 55" 4K high definition TV with 4K from 20 May to 16 June 2016.

Genuine furniture. There will be four furniture stores at one site. Trademarks are Oak Express®, Bedroom Expressions®, Sofa Mart® and Denver Mattress Company®. Oak Express and Bedroom Expressions stores, previously on 1335 N. Green River Road, were moved to the new center.

"In contrast to other furniture stores, our centres have four specialist shops at one location. Every branch concentrates on a certain cathegory, and each branch is run and occupied by persons with a high level of expertise. "Here is an overview of the individual brands and their specialities.....

The Denver Matrix Company is regarded as one of a kind among its rivals in the bedroom products sector because it is both a producer and distributor of beddings. Therefore, Denver will get denver Mattresse buyers brandname grade mattresses for as much as 50 per cent less. The Sofa Mart® specialises in leisurely furniture made of genuine leathers and upholstered furniture as well as accents such as side desks, cupboards and home decor.

This is the type of furniture you would use in your lounge and your home room. This necklace offers a wide range of different designs, some of which are inspired by high-end stores and fashion catalogues. There is a significant price difference: Sofa Mart's consumer will find the product more attractive and easier to obtain.

The Oak Express® range provides home owners with genuine wooden furniture for almost every room in the home at discounted rates. The Oak Express is America's biggest bar purchaser of wooden furniture, giving them a purchasing edge over any of their competitors. Unnecessarily, Oak Express has had great popularity with today's time-critical and value-conscious consumers.

It is a uniquely designed shopping environment, a one-stop shop specialising in bedrooms, providing customers with a wider choice of better looking bedrooms at reasonable rates. There are five specialist trade marks, including: It has sofa Mart®, Oak Express®, Bed Room Expressions®, Denver Mattress Co and Big Sur Water Beds and runs over 300 stores in 30 countries.

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