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The Fun For Kidz magazine emphasizes healthy, innocent and childlike interests. The Fun for Kidz is an activity magazine for children aged five to thirteen. To do with activities and fun things, Fun for Kidz has no advertising & no teenage themes. The Hopscotch for Girls, Boys' Quest, fun for Kidz. Now the website only shows the Fun for Kidz themes.

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Are you looking for Hopscotch for Girls or Boys' Quest Magazine? We' ll select the most beloved items from Hopscotch, Boys' Quest and Fun for Kidz and put them together in a booklet for all kids from 6-13 years of age. In addition, we will create a new section where the reader can post their own story!

We' re optimistic that our focus on one magazine instead of three will be our best ever pub. We' re looking forward to presenting the new and greatly enhanced Fun For Kidz magazine! You can order older editions of Boys' Quest and Hopscotch - over 200 different theme editions available!

Who we are

The release of the new album started in 1989. The magazine was made by Jane Evans, a primary teacher who could not find a healthy magazine for her schoolchildren. They wanted a magazine for teenage women without teenage footage and without commercials. Hopscootch was bought in 1991 by a small Ohio based publisher in the North West of Ohio.

It is also the publisher of two weeklies, The Bluffton News and The North Baltimore News. Bluffton News has been in the possession of the Edwards for over 50 years. Hopscootch Magazine is produced, published and distributed from a single site in Bluffton, Ohio.

HPSCOTCH is a privately owned company that provides healthy readings for all youngsters. Readers range from three to four-year-olds, whose families are literate and active, to 14-year-old mothers. Though the goal reading levels is for the 8-10 year olds, many older women are enjoying browsing the contents that do not contain stuff about friends, make-up, fashions, fashion, or anything that would be encouraging girl to quickly raise up.

The Hopscotch was conceived to defy young women..... to make the most of these few and valuable years of children. Boy's Quest was developed to get young children interested in books. He has been helping fill this gap since 1995 with his fun, but above all revealing exploration, investigation and troubleshooting pages.

Literacy skills for adolescents are built by following instruction, concluding a project, responding to a question and resolving a problem. The first release of Fun for Kidz was in January 2002. This was the response for kids who received Hopscotch or Boys' Quest and needed something in the month when they didn't receive a magazine.

Contrary to Hopscotch and Boys' Quest, Fun For Kidz is intended for both youngsters. It' the thought that the magazine is shared by two siblings. The Fun For Kidz is an activities magazine that retains the same healthy levels as the other magazines. There''s nothing in the magazine that could make it outdated.

For Kidz Fun For Kidz provides fun kids with more fun and creativity. They give young women the opportunity to work on a construction site. Boy's got the right to do something very artistic. All of the whole familiy can take advantage of the various things to do. Boy's Quest, Hopscotch for girls and Fun For Kidz preserve tradition.

These journals encourage children's awareness of their relationships with pets, their contemporaries and the grown-ups. In philosophical terms, the materials in these journals emphasize healthy, childlike, ingenuous interests. Wellrounded, sensible young men and women with down-to-earth, healthy policies and interests can deal much more effectively with the pressure created by changes during puberty.

Boys' Quest and Fun For Kidz, like Hopscotch for Girls, are produced, published and distributed by Bluffton News Publishing and Printing Company, a small Ohio-based mom and dad company.

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