Fun Day Trips in Ny

Excursions in Ny

You' re never too old to have fun here! Check out our tips for the best day and weekend excursions, short trips and mini vacations in the New York City area. There' s a day trip here full of fun. Instead of going to a city beach, take a day trip to Belmar, New Jersey, for fun in the sun along the coast. Beaeutiful Cooperstown, N.

Y., is a place that is hard to leave, but still this simple, interesting day trip from The Village during your vacation.

Top 10 Day Trips from NYC

If you don't have enough free day for a week-end excursion, there are many easily accessible places to visit, such as hikes to a Connecticut Falls or a visit to a Hudson Valley property. These are the day trips that ensure a rest for troubled city dwellers.

Dive into the golden age on a day tour from NYC by visiting the North Shore Villas of Long Island. Situated on the west shore of the Hudson River, about an hour's car ride from New York City, the small town of Victoria is perfect for day-trippers. Walk along Main Street, where you can shop in antiques stores, art gallery and caf├ęs, but the true attraction is a stroll to the Edward Hopper House Art Center, where the celebrated 20th cent. artists were once grown up.

Litchfield County's post card capital is known for its fine arts gallery, bookshops and a lovely roofed viaduct that makes it an ideal day getaway from the busy state. If you are a seasoned canoeist, you can go for a canoe ride on the Housatonic River or walk in Kent Falls State Park.

Return to Kent and enjoy an icecream at Annie Bananie icecream on Bridge Street. It is like a journey back in history to this barriere archipelago on the south coast of Long Iceland. Although it is not seasons on the beaches, walk through the biggest town, Sea Beaches, and reach the top of the Fire lsland Lighthouse for a wonderful view of the cove and the sea.

In the north-eastern part of Pennsylvania, the old quarter is framed by charming Victory Chalets. Easy to reach from NYC by road or rail (Metro North of Grand Central), this Westchester community offers breathtaking vistas of the Hudson River. The Oath, a lively Main Street pub, will be followed by the fashionable Rivermarket Bars & Kitchen for wood-fired stove-pizza.

Home-of-Princetown University, this stylish collegiate city makes for a great day out, either by car or by New Jersey Transit. Attend the historical buildings-filled campuses, such as Nassau Hall from the eighteenth centuary and the (free!) Princeton University Art Museum. A day excursion to New Paltz takes you through the Shawangunk Mountains in Minnewaska State Park and a glass of brewery at the Yard Owl Brewery wine room in nearby Gardiner.

Visit the garden or take a walk by the lake, then drink a drink of fine wines and a bite of a Hudson Valley cheeseboard in the Carriage Lounge. Philly is a short Amtrak excursion so you can dig in a Philly Chees steak during a day out.

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