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Here you will find more flights to New York, improved terminals and the expansion of our services to New York City. See fares and ticket offers for flights from New York, NY to Texas (TX). Find the best deals and cheap flights from New York to Lisbon. Refer to Distance to other cities of New York - New York - USA measured in kilometers (km), miles and nautical miles and their local time. The Department of Health can issue a birth certificate to anyone born in New York City.

New York River Trip | NY Creises

NYC. Surrounded by arts and arquitecture, vibrant ethnical districts, design stores.... and the best places to eat in the whole wide range of places, from the ultra-high-end to the cosy Hole-in-the-Wall district. Major attractions are Midtown Manhattan - you can visit the Grand Central Terminal, go shopping on Fifth Avenue and see the sparkling Broadway lighting on Times Square on the same time.

While your New York based trip down the Hudson River to New England's sun-drenched island or historical ports, you will see world-famous iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Stop amidst the bustle of the Grand Central Terminal to look at the stars.

Unwind on the lush grass of Central Park. Go along the kilometre-long Brooklyn Bridge before leaving New York. Climb the Empire State Building for 80-mile views.

Boeing's hyperson could take you from New York to London in two inches.

The Boeing Group wants to build a commercial aircraft that can transport passengers around the planet at fivefold sonic velocity. The Boeing says the aircraft could take you anywhere in the whole wide planet in just one to three h. For example, at top speeds of more than 3,800 mph, the journey from New York to London could take 120 mins.

The Boeing (BA), the world's biggest airplane maker, says the design is still in its infancy. Important technological issues have to be resolved before the plant even produces a sample, said Boeing spokeswoman Brianna Jackson on Wednesday. It is possible that the idea could become true in 20 to 30 years, Jackson said in an e-mail.

"The development will take years, and even more with a technique that will require extra tests and refinements as we work to see how it could suit the market," she said. The Boeing is serious about hyperersonic and has been proving ultra-fast tech for decades, Jackson said. This is only one of several concepts in progress.

At the beginning of this year, Boeing introduced a system for an autonomic hypersound UAV that could be used by the army for monitoring. The US Army can use its airliner system before it enters the civilian market. Jackson, the speaker, did not give any example of his possible defence purposes, but referred to the drones' approach.

" [W]e'd see something like this first before a sleeper hyperersonic concept," Jackson said. When the latest Boeing design is implemented, it will be one of the quickest flying cars ever made. This would be even quicker than the Lockheed SR-71, which in 1976 transported two Air Force officer up to a speed of 2,193 mph.

The Boeing is not the only gamer in the match. Others - such as Lockheed Martin and Aerion Corporation - are also working on the development of hyper-sonic aircraft. Moschus said at a recent aerospace meeting last year that it could bring travellers from New York to Shanghai in just half an hours.

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