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New Attractions Nutrition Facts and Nutrition Information. Receive directions, ratings and information about Fresh Attractions in Charlotte, NC. The USJ sees new attractions to maintain record traffic. Remember visiting Fresh Attractions in Miami? Nutritional information for Fresh Attractions products.

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Essential airportfood, but on the health side. The personnel was kind, but the meal was averages. Kid, I wish I'd been reading the critics before I went to that sandwhich store, but I was in a rush and I wasn't ready to go out of the C-Terminal. On the basis of some of the responses, my client services were different because I had a very nice young woman.

I' ve ordered a vegetarian unheated chocolate cake and a sack of crisps. To put it mildly, the bread was not appetising. So the only thing you can't rate a 1 start guy for is after-sales. Fresh Attractions seemed cheap and healthful as far as the kitchen at the airfield was concerned, and it was also directly opposite my gatehouse, which made it the most comfortable eating area.

Besides pre-packaged lettuces, sandwhiches and proteinaceous snacks, there is also the possibility for fresh panini and sandwhiches. So I opted for a preconfigured choice, the tart jalapeño chickensandwich. Among the seasoning were jalapeño fat, poultry, honey shouldard and protolone chees. After I ordered, I got my sandwhich within 5 min.

Freshly squeezed, the cheeses were viscous and well-melting, well-distributed. It was boiled and abundant, and the speck was well made and properly proportioned. The leaven was tasty. Such a horrible level of client services. Someone who made my sandwhich kept saying that she worked too much and didn't look after the people.

Poor services with poor eating! It' a good place to buy sandwiches, considering he's at the Aiport. It' s nothing to be written at home, because it should be difficult to fuck up a slice of cake - two sandwiches that your heart desires in the centre and either toast or not. This means it depends on the services.

She' took my order of sandwiches and the pay. And then she went back, put on my mittens and made my sweater. Nice. I' d roasted the whole roast toast. I' m fine with the waiters and the sandwiches. They didn't give me what I asked for, I just wanted a "jalapeño grilled papkin of chicken" with wholemeal loaf on the meal list, not as I had imagined when I asked the young lady for the second and I said "wholemeal please", so I was waiting over 10 minutes,

and when I was telling them about the error, they didn't mind, so this place must be shut down, they have no regard for their customers and the meal is terrible. It' s a little puzzling where to go, what to choose and where to queue up, but when you're at the airfield and you' re starving - it's astonishing what you have to go through to get a morsel!

Real lousy client services. The poorest client services, indeed. I' m having a pre-made lettuce, not too good, but not too good either. The foods were fresh and made to order or they have pre-packaged foods. It is not recommended because of wrong or and no regress or after sales services and pricing.

I' m not a big fans of petrol station/rest area sandwiches...but I passed this one and was very surprised how nice and fresh it was and I just had to try it out..... When I last stressed through CLT, how could I forget my unforgettable Fresh Attractions event?

That confirms that the dinner here is shit. Sure, the Jalapeno Chicken panini sound pleasing. And I shouted bites of baked chicken (brown line appeared attracted), almost crude lard grease with the tickling quintessence of counterfeit jalapño spices and a pool of coarse honeysadustard on bread squeezed in a tepid frying pan.

Have I mentioned that the salad feels like tissue in my throat? You would never lay a finger on that one. You made one of the best vegetable sandwhiches I ever had at the airfield. And then they stacked the vegetables high! I' d suggest this place to anyone who wants an individual kind of sandwhich!

I had just got to Charlotte International and before my next trip an hours later I wanted to get something small. I' ve come across Fresh Attractions, there was only 1 guy in line and whatever I know, this place had the same cheeses as Starbucks!

Good cuisine at Charlotte International Airports. $7.99 freshly sandwiched. Not too low for airports! And I had hams & smoked hams with salads, tomatoes and cucumbers on top of it. In my view, however, the quality of the services is very poor. So I went up and checked the menue and asked for the poultry soup on a cot.

"```What kind of loaf? I' ll say again that I want the poultry soup on a tomato and olive dressing rack. And the answer: "That's impossible, the salt is small, you need the bread". I asked not quite sure if I understand that: "You say that I cannot get poultry soup without the almonds?

" And the answer: "You need the loaf of bread. You need the loaf of paper. "Now I like loaf as much as the next fellow, but sometimes I just don't want to be stuffed with it. I have always thought that chickensalad can be consumed and tasted on its own. I just bought $9 for a grilled chickensalad and there was no chick on it.

and my cardholder number was stole last fortnight. Otherwise, it is okay for a fast chew if you don't have enough free space for an alternate diet.

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