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Complimentary Activities in New York Today

The Grand Central Partnership Walking Tours. The National Museum of the Indians. Don't mock, blunt New Yorker - there's a lot to do in New York today. Find out about these and other wallet-friendly activities and find out where and when the best of them take place. The Museum of the Moving Image:

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but New York has the ideal way: free indoor swimming." There is a net of tens of public baths in all five districts open during the summers (usually closed around the working day's weekends in early September). Ponds are in sizes and popularities.

The Red Hook Swimming Center in Brooklyn, for example, is enormous, with one end of the swimming center full of kids, while the other end is divided into courses for serious bikers. The swimming baths also offer free lunch for kids during summer break as part of the city's community well-being.

Each Saturday evening (and some other evenings) during the summers, Prospect Park in Brooklyn offers free shows with an eclectic selection of music. Maybe in sommer 2013 they saw giants, the Waterboys, Calexico and the Barenaked Ladies, to name but a few. One of Brooklyn's greatest gems, the shows are a great way to get out of the busy Manhattan streets:

The Prospect Park was founded by the same landscape gardeners just after Central Park and has its own park area, a boat pond and a merry-go-round. Manhattan and Brooklyn, was finished in 1883 and is one of the oldest hanging bridge in the USA.

Walking along the footpath offers a magnificent view of the town. In Brooklyn, the area was recently renovated with gardens, jetties and a merry-go-round. Manhattan's end is near the attractions of New York and New York Supreme Court, where you can reenact the last 12 Angry Men (white suits optional).

Just a few words of warning: walkers are sharing the footpath with bikers who have little patience with walkers walking into the trail - at least wait to be shouted at when you go to the other side of the road. Walk across the Brooklyn River and take a boat to Governor's Island from Pier 6 at the bottom of Brooklyn River Park.

Though the historic free shuttle will charge $2pp from May this year, there are many free outdoor pursuits on the islands, plus 30 new hectares of parks that will be open to the general population in May. Once a US Coast Guard headquarters and former army bases, the archipelago has been transformed into an extensive open-air area - a "vibrant resort for arts, cultural and performances in summer".

There seems to be a growing list of activities on the islands every season, but a few (free! A must-do: visit to the Figment NY sculpted exhibition (this year's recycled cup gazebo will take place on June 7 and 8); visit to the latest exhibition at Building 110 Arts Center; entry to a round of mini-golf; free morning bicycle rental; historical walks in the island's old town; or just a pick nick and a relaxing luncheon in the Lower Manhattan scenery garden.

Alternatively, you can take the boat from the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan, next to the Staten Island boatyard. In Midtown Manhattan, there are two major technical landmarks at the Municipal Library's headquarters. At the height of the 1940s, this section of the el train was used to transport goods from western Manhattan's mills, among them the National Biscuit Company, known to many as Nabisco, the maker of Oreo biscuits and Ritz-Cracker.

When production firms emigrated from the town in the following few years, the rails were closed and rotten until the concept of building a New York side of the Promenade Plantée in Paris was born in 1999. It' a New York; sometimes it' a rainforest. Of course, the huge, endlessly filmled Central Park is conspicuous, but there are also other, smaller, "secret" backyards that also provide the opportunity for a run.

The centuries-old Brookyln Botanical Garden is of course another lovely haven that can be visited on Tuesdays, Saturdays in the morning and on wintry afternoons. Nevertheless, it is always best to go in the cheapest - and fortunately there are a lot of free shows you would like to buy.

Whiplash weekly standing up show at the ultra-modern Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is the best place to listen to the sexiest comic strips, while Sunday evening at the Knitting Factory is another longtime free show moderated by Hannibal Buress. In the Alligator Lounge there is now a free complimentary free zesty dinner every Tuesday - so you can plug your face if you don't laugh.

Taste the Chelsea Brewing Company - Manhattan's biggest small brewery - which provides free guided visits with a free trial ale. If you want to visit a larger brewhouse, visit the international renowned Brooklyn Brewery, which provides free, unreserved weekend outings.

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