Frederick Community College

The Frederick Community College

The Frederick Community College (FCC) is a community college in Frederick, Maryland. Frédéric Community College, Frédéric, MD. Frederick CC's latest tweets (@FrederickCC). Many thanks for your interest in Frederick Community College. Save time and money with CLEP at Frederick Community College in Frederick, MD.

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The Frederick Community College (FCC) is a community college in Frederick, Maryland. Arts Centre is a culture centre that presents high calibre performance, exhibition and learning programmes for the college and community. Over its 52-year course, Frederick Community College has risen from 77 to more than 17,000 enrolled college graduates last year.

Rodney Bennett leads the gym. There are eight inter-collegiate sporting disciplines, among them men's ball, men's ball, basket ball, golf and football, women's ball, volley ball, soft ball and football.

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FCC Frederick Community College Education & Development

Many thanks for your interest in Frederick Community College. CEWD (Continuing Education & Workforce Development) provides inexpensive and comfortable programmes throughout the year. There is a wide range of individual enlightenment, young people and ILR 55+ programmes to stimulate, train and stimulate pupils of all age. Gain the important trainings, know-how, skills and experiences needed by today's highly demanded sectors.

The new programmes are about to start.

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