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Attractions at Fort Smith

Accommodation near Fort Smith National Historic Site. Accommodation near Fort Smith National Cemetery. Near Fort Smith Museum of History. Near Fort Smith Trolley Museum. Activities in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories:

Activities in Fort Smith, Arkansas

It has a proud past as a city of the army and many of its attractions are built on this one. Items are very detailled and instructive, with many beautiful artefacts and historic photographic galleries. Historic trollies take you to Ross Pendergraft Park and then return to Fort Smith National Cemetery.

One of a kind on these trollies - when the trolly technician has to turn back and drive in the other way, they take off their handle and attach it to the other end of the troll. You can also turn the seat upside down so that you can turn in the driving directions of the car. The Miss Laura Visitors' Centre is a turn of the 20th c. It is the town' s main public visitors' centre and offers guided visits to the historical site of the former Fort Smith "Row" of seven brothels from the era of brothels in the area.

The Visitor Centre of Miss Laura was the first former brothel to be included in the National Register of Historic Places. People here are so kind and knowledgeable about the whole area. Many artefacts and nice historic photographs can be admired. It' a lovely garden devoted to Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves.

The inauguration is on a beautiful historic board and you can marvel at its magnificent sculpture. Over the twenty-four years, confederate execution took place at Fort Smith, and eighty-seven men were killed on the scaffold. Editor's note: The information on this page has been gathered with the help of genuine travel reports about the activities in Fort Smith.

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Butterfield Overland Mail Company operated a sharing centre in Fort Smith, a hub for its southward buses from Tipton, Missouri, and its westbound buses from Memphis, Tennessee. Fort Smith was also ranked as one of the Top Five Top Five Top Westerns for 2014 in the city. The city also honoured the city with the prize "Best Support of a Historic Site" for 2014.

There are many idyllic and comfortable lodges and accommodation to suit all budgets and lifestyles. You can also go walking and kayaking near Fort Smith State Park, Devil's Den State Park and the Mulberry River.

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