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Fort-Bliss Federal Credit Union has closed or merged with another credit union. Whilst the credit union looked after the staff of Biggs AFB, the Fort Bliss Federal Credit Union served military personnel in the immediate vicinity. Create a savings account, current account or apply for a loan from One Source Federal Credit Union in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Whilst the credit union looked after the staff of Biggs AFB, the Fort Bliss Federal Credit Union served military personnel in the immediate vicinity. See Fort Bliss Federal Credit Union location, sales, industry and description.

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FirstLight is dedicated to the communities we work in by providing education programmes, funding and sponsoring for our community colleges, academia and other nonprofit organisations. Our volunteers are involved in more than 60 nonprofit-organisations. In addition, we are sharing our know-how and experience to inform our members about important finance issues through finance workshops.

They also have privileged membership in our online social networking programs to help you save money by learning how to buy your first home and everything in between.

First Light Federal Credit Union: Personal company information

The FirstLight Federal Credit Union offers its members finance related activities and benefits. Formerly known as Fort Bliss Federal Credit Union, the firm was renamed FirstLight Federal Credit Union in July 2005. At FirstLight, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Lakes Region Community Service (LRCS). At FirstLight, we have successfully installed a new FirstLight Cloud Communications System for LRCS, which includes web and fibre-optics.

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Bench at One Source Federal Credit Union | El Paso TX, Las Cruces NM

In 1937, the One South Federal Credit Union grew from 10 members of the phone corporation to over 12,000 members. Since then we have concentrated on the cooperative's corporate culture of "People help people". A resource is Here, There, Everywhere at hand with 24-7 Mobilecom.

One Source Federal Credit Union.

The First Light follows the trends in the high-tech industry

Last months First Light Federal Credit Union official inaugurated the first high-tech office of the union El Paso, and another is scheduled for the Far East El Paso. "It allows us to be more efficient," said Jim Huff, First Light's Sr. VP of Marketin.

The First Light brand follows a nationwide tendency among credit cooperatives to use technologies to improve store support times and cut the number of staff needed in their stores. Several years ago, El Paso's biggest credit cooperative, El Paso, launched high-tech industries in this region and today has several high-tech sites around El Paso.

The First Light high-tech office, 1635 Pike Road in Fort Bliss, employs five people. This corresponds to about 10 in the Marshall office, which was superseded by the new high-tech site, Huff said. Huff said the credit cooperative is planning to start building another high-tech store in Zaragoza and Charles Schulte in East El Paso at the end of this year.

The Pike office's high-tech capabilities include the Pike Point of Sale's highly efficient interactivity cash registers that allow clients to make ATM contacts at First Light's operations centre in the northeast of El Paso. In addition, it has an on-line bank centre and two drive-through ATMs. Saturdays providing clients prolonged bank lessons, Huff said.

First Light's high-tech stores also have personnel available to open new bank account, request credit and help with other financing needs, according to a spokesperson. Fresh light has also added two videocashiers in the entrance at its main office at 1555 N. Lee Trevino, and it is planning to add videocashiers at two other offices by the end of the year, Huff said.

The First Light Group has six offices in El Paso, two in Fort Bliss, one in the William Beaumont Army Medical Center and three in Las Cruces. It' s got 108,000 members and about $950 million in ass.

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